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weekly e-newsletter #4 - April 9, 2010

In the News Ė Follow-up on Obama Administrationís Nuclear Posture Review
A previous newsletter mentioned our member group Pax Christiís action on the upcoming Nuclear Posture Review. This NPR is now out, and itís both bad news (first strike is still not disavowed) and good news (it puts limits on what nations could be targets of U.S. nuclear weapons). This does rip up the drawings for using earth-penetrating nukes in the battlefield, which Congress had already rejected. Nukes will also be re-positioned such that a disarming first-strike against Russia is no longer a threat. And the Review states that while the U.S. will still do the ironically named “life-extension” programs for its nukes, it wonít be building any more.

In the News Ė Follow-up on Abortion Funding in U.S.
In CLís constant search for consensus, we point out that while pro-lifers dispute whether Obamaís Executive Order is adequate or not, all pro-lifers agree that having a statute is better and crucial. Itís not merely that we donít like our money going to killing; itís that experience with Medicaid funding of abortion in different states shows that such funding leads to many more abortions. Encouragingly, most of the danger of taxpayer funding or enforced premiums arise in the changes that donít occur until 2014, so we do still have time to work on this in the Congress.

While CL is deliberately non-partisan Ė we want more consistent-life people elected, no matter what party Ė we point out as a matter of short-term strategy that to get this specific task done, weíll need the anti-abortion contingent in Congress to include more people from parties other than the Republican Party. So many anti-abortion Republicans put a higher priority on defeating other aspects of the reform that they are clearly inadequate in standing up for the babies. They voted for the Nelson amendment in the Senate, but never held out for that amendment as a price for their support. Since their support was impossible anyway, they had no leverage. When considering elections, we do need to consider who will have leverage.

CL has long recognized that poverty threatens human life, and one example of this is the many people, including children, who die needlessly because they can't get health services. Our vision of health care is one in which no one dies needlessly, for lack of health care or by abortion or euthanasia.

Sharing the Message - YouTube
CL has a channel on YouTube. Itís still quite incomplete Ė but then, it always will be, as we add new material. But it does have some items up now. Weíre hoping to add music to make PowerPoint videos more attractive, so any volunteers with skills along those lines would be much appreciated. Anyone who has appropriate videos that can be added can submit them for consideration to Meanwhile, take a look and forward the link on to any who might find it of interest or be willing to be educated.

Consistent Life Youtube Channel

Last Call on Names for Newsletter
We have a few suggestions for the name of this weekly e-newsletter. We plan to put them all up on a web survey, so watch for the link in the next issue and vote for your favorite. Meanwhile, if you had an idea you havenít gotten in yet, please send it to

Quotation of the Week

Maria Vitale, Editorial Columnist
March 29, 2010, “Abortion's Slippery Slope Led to Killing Terri Schiavo”

When I was in seventh grade, our pro-life teacher drew a line on the blackboard connecting the word Ďabortioní with the word Ďeuthanasia.í The killing of pre-born children leads to the killing of older people, people with disabilities, and people who are ill. Life is a tapestry, and when one thread has been pulled out by advocates of abortion, the rest of the threads begin to unravel.

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