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weekly e-newsletter #6 - April 23, 2010


Consistent Life Doings

Whether you subscribe or read it in the library, check out the Progressive magazine’s February, May, June, and July issues for quarter-page ads from Consistent Life. One has quotes from peace activists such as this week’s quotation below; another has quotes from Nobel Peace Prize Winners; a third has quotes from abortion doctors that illustrate connections of violence; and the final one has quotes from conservatives showing how making connections with abortion and euthanasia helps them understand what’s wrong with the death penalty. This left-wing magazine opposes our position on abortion but values the free marketplace of ideas and, thus, is an excellent forum for us

Consistent-life Candidate for Congress

While CL doesn’t endorse candidates, we do educate about candidates who embrace a consistent life ethic in their campaigns. Sheldon Schafer not only does this but is a member of Consistent Life. We are always delighted to have sympathizers from the Green Party because its endorsement of both nonviolence and abortion availability provide an opportunity for us to encourage its membership to challenge this inconsistency.

Delving Deeper

Prism Magazine, published by CL member group Evangelicals for Social Action, published two articles in their November-December 2009 issue, which are now available online. One (“Too Fragile to Last?”) deals with applying the principles of peace psychology to the U.S. abortion business and proposes that it is in a process of decline that probably can’t be stopped. The other (“Promises, Promises”) addresses how the promises of “choice” have been turned against women and women’s rights. Discussion questions are also on-line. The articles are in pdf and easily printable, and reprints of the entire issue are available.

In the News

Another example of an article with a strong pro-Roe v. Wade bias decrying the impact of the recent U.S. health-reform events is by Sarah Kliff in Newsweek, April 29 issue, pages 38-39, and also online. It starts: “When the history of the 21st century is written, March 21, 2010, will go down as the day Congress cleared the way for health-care reform. Yet for those in the abortion-rights community, March 21 will mark a completely different turning point: the day when they became acutely aware of their waning influence in Washington.”

Name of Newsletter

The clear top contenders were “Peace & Life Connections” and “Respect Life / Practice Peace.” The decision on which to take is coming shortly.

Quotation of the Week

Colman McCarthy, columnist                Colman McCarthy

Washington Post, April 11, 1992


“Both the military ethic and the abortion ethic are grounded in the same belief: Life is cheap. Iraqi life. Fetal life. . . . The language of the war lobby and the abortion lobby is from the same glossary of evasions. No one likes war, say the generals. No one likes abortions, says NOW. But let's keep the killing option, just in case. And cases keep coming. If Iraqis are causing trouble, or Libyans, Grenadans or Panamanians, bomb them. If fetuses pose problems, destroy them.”

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