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Peace & Life Connections #11 - May 28, 2010


Progress in Legislation and Politics

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[euthanasia] Good news – A bill to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada, Bill C-384, was recently overwhelmingly defeated by a vote of 228 to 59.


[death penalty] Good news – The California Democratic Party has placed opposition to capital punishment in its platform. It had previously passed resolutions opposing the death penalty, but this is the first time it has been enshrined in the Party's platform. 


[war] Good news – A letter asking the administration to join the 1997 treaty to ban landmines was signed by 68 U.S. Senators (more than the two-thirds needed to ratify the treaty), with a supporting letter by members of the U.S. House. It was delivered to President Obama on May 18. These antipersonnel landmines use indiscriminate, victim-activated weapons and the two countries (Iraq and Afghanistan) where U.S. troops are fighting are parties to the treaty.

[abortion] Yet to come  - In the United States House, a bill to codify and strengthen the presidential Executive Order in the recent health care reform would address the concerns that worry pro-lifers about funding and conscience protections. H.R. 5111 is sponsored by Reps. Joseph Pitts (R-PA) and Dan Lipinski (D-IL) with 91 other House members.

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Delving Deeper – Online Radio

    With the wonders of modern technology allowing radio shows on the web, we find several good shows where the consistent life ethic and related ideas are discussed in greater depth. We’ll feature these occasionally in this newsletter. This week’s is a one-hour radio interview exploring a thoughtful dialog between a pro-life and a pro-choice Quaker, air date 6/22/2008.

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Individual Members Act

    Jim Rauner wants to disarm the Knights of Columbus by removing the swords from their ceremonies, on the idea that “it is no longer appropriate to have drawn weapons in our sanctuaries,” and time to use “only nonviolent means to defeat evil and sin in our world.” Anyone interested in this project can contact Jim at

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Quotation of the Week

Juli Loesch, founder, Prolifers for Survival. June 18, 1981, tape recording

    “I started into this kind of agitation thinking I was going to be a bridge-builder -- you know, a bridge-builder between peace and pro-life, a bridge-builder between feminism and pro-life. And what I experienced in the first few years of this [was] sometimes attracting bricks from both the right and the left coming at me simultaneously. And where those bricks came from was from the rift in the wall – from people's own consciences tearing in two . . . And it pleases me now to see that instead of being a bridge-builder, I started off being a wall-breaker. You take all those loose bricks, and that's what you make the bridge out of.”

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