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Peace & Life Connections #14 - June 18, 2010


On the Web (with opportunities to comment)

CL 14 First Things 4               First Things has published an excellent web-exclusive editorial, Blood for Blood, which makes a conservative case against the death penalty: “who has the right to pay blood with blood? . . . our attempts to apply that justice are under constant threat of devolving back into barbarism and revenge: the prepolitical justice of family and individual. Listen to the language that swirls around every execution in this country: It’s the language of damage to the family, and closure for emotions, and repayment to the victims after their death. . .  . Shouldn’t we be afraid of a government that, without submitting itself to the divine, thinks it has divine power in its hands?”  

CL 14 Women Up 2        In the opposite left-right direction, Politics Daily has two different articles arguing from a pro-choice perspective that feminists should invite everyone to the abortion discussion and a person can be pro-life and feminist at the same time. To quote: "Many women, right and left, equate feminism with abortion rights, and there are few more divisive topics in America. For many liberal women (and men), a pro-choice position for abortion rights is the litmus test for true feminism. For many conservative women (and men) abortion is the word that does not dare speak its name. Feminism=abortion is the absurd equation that helped drive feminism into the ground in the past two decades. . . I happen to believe that you can be pro-life and a feminist at the same time and that pro-choice liberals do not own feminism."

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CL Member Group News – The Winning Idea

        CL member group All Our Lives won a contest on the UNFPA blog Conversations for a Better World.  The contest was for best idea on expanding family planning access to the 200 million plus million women worldwide who want but lack it.  All Our Lives' "Winning Idea: Access to Contraception Begins With Questions on the Ground" is being published for a month on the website of Women Deliver, the just-concluded global maternity mortality conference. This is significant in part because the article takes an avowedly "pro every life, born and unborn" approach to family planning advocacy, and prolifers have had trouble gaining access to the Women Deliver conference.

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Participation – Membership

        Consistent Life is mainly a network of organizations, but due to popular demand we also offer individual memberships. If you’ve already signed up, you should have received our 2009 annual report recently in the mail if in the U.S.; outside the U.S. will be coming shortly. If you’re not an individual member and would like to be, we’d be delighted to have you; the same link works for signing up group members. And of course we’re always quite cheerful about accepting money donations for our work. 

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Quotation of the WeekCL Weekly Brownback 3

Sam Brownback, Republican United States Senator

U.S. News and World Report, April 11, 2005. p. 34

         “If we're trying to establish a culture of life, it's difficult to have the state sponsoring executions.”

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