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Peace & Life Connections #19 - July 23, 2010

In the News – Nebraska Right-to-Redress Law Goes Into Effect

        From a press release of the Stop Forced Abortions Alliance: A new Nebraska law that is the first to allow women to sue for psychological injuries related to abortion went into effect July 15. Until now, women had no standing to sue abortionists for subsequent psychological problems, even when the women were coerced into unwanted abortions. The Nebraska law removes that legal obstacle and also clarifies the standard of care for pre-abortion screening.

        Nebraska's Planned Parenthood affiliate had filed suit, but the court ruled the law could go into effect.  District Judge Laurie Smith Camp also rejected Planned Parenthood's motion to strike the legislature's finding of fact: "the existing standard of care for pre-abortion screening and counseling is not always adequate to protect the health needs of women."

        Our comment: As with the recent rule change easing the burden on war veterans to show they were traumatized, any move that helps us as a society understand the psychological consequences of violent practices, and to give healing to those who suffer from them, will also help us understand the same about all other types of violent practices and move us closer to the day we learn to do without them.

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 YouTube Video Resource - The Conservative Case Against War 

        Nicholas R. Neal has a YouTube channel which just days ago put up a creative video explaining why various conservative principles, including the pro-life one that occupies most of his videos, should make a case against war. He also recently put up a more explicit consistent-life ethic statement.

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Pax Christi Conference

        Mary Krane Derr reports: I staffed a table for Consistent Life Mary Krane Derrat the national conference of the Catholic peace group Pax Christi USA, held in Chicago the weekend of July 16.  Pax Christi is a longtime endorser of CL, so I did not expect to get into a lot of arguments.  Indeed, most people who stopped by the table told me that they advocated a consistent life ethic approach in their work. This was not, they said, because they wanted to to de-emphasize abortion, but because life issues are numerous and deeply interconnected, and all of them matter greatly. Many expressed interest in CL's newest member group, All Our Lives, which advocates women's right to make nonviolent sexual and reproductive choices.

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 Book Review – Consistently Prolife

                An excellent review of the recently published book, Consistently Pro-Life: The Ethics of Bloodshed in Ancient Christianity, is online with Eastern Mennonite University.

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Participation – Who Else Might Want to Subscribe?

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Quotation of the Week

Dr. Frank Behrend, M.D., whose practice included abortions
tape-recorded speech November 7, 1977

medal         “Reference was made to my agreeing that abortion is taking a human life, which it is.  However, let us remember that war is also legalized killing, that the pilot that dropped the atom bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima killed human life.  He got medals for it. We bless our troops when they go into battle to kill human beings, so that the taking of human life, including the death penalty in certain states like Utah, where the man was shot, is not a strange behavior in a society.” 

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