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Peace & Life Connections #23 - August 20, 2010

Conference – American Psychological Association

APA        APA won’t allow CL’s research arm an exhibit, but its director Rachel MacNair did present the findings of its latest research in a poster session with the peace psychology division: “Inviting Pro-Lifers into the Web of Peace Builders: Survey Evidence.”

        Despite an extensive program with thousands of people, this was the only spot where the abortion debate was mentioned. The death penalty got no mention at all. War, poverty, and racism got quite a bit of coverage, as usual.

        The latest related to euthanasia was a session entitled “Is the Living Will Dead?” The answer, surprisingly, was yes. Peter Ditto’s “end-of-life” studies are showing it doesn’t work. Only a portion of people have them, the documents don’t communicate well, people are unstable as to what their wishes are over time without even realizing it, and really, people don’t want to micro-manage their deaths. They want their families to have decision-making leeway. The presenter showed how the “death panels” debate of last summer meant Americans aren’t comfortable with active hastening of death. For a pdf of the PowerPoint for the talk, contact

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Delving Deeper – Online Radio Shows

         Jen Roth presented on “pro-life progressivism” on the “Shared Sacrifice” program. This is two hours and the first half hour or so is taken up with the two hosts discussing other topics, so we offer the MP3 version that allows you to fast-forward through that. 

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Upcoming Conference - Open Hearts, Open Minds and Fair Minded Words

PLC 23 Open Hearts

        A Conference on Life and Choice in the Abortion Debate” is scheduled October 15-16 at Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey. Several big names from both sides of the debate will be there, and we’d like Consistent Life to have a good presence. David Gushee, one of the presenters, is a CL Endorser, and we have at least one Board member going. But the more the merrier. Anyone who registers to go, please let us know at so we can coordinate and confab.    

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Note on Previous Quotation

       Most quotations assert our viewpoint, but occasionally we quote opponents making cogent observations. Issue #21’s quotation was in this vein, an editorialist equating an abortion pill with the invention of the atom bomb - both being “world-shaking.” Our interest was that both would kill millions of innocent people. But this left the specifics being asserted unchallenged -- that researchers may develop a pill to cause abortion cheaply. Abortion defenders long for this kind of “magic bullet,” but experience so far with abortion drugs shows a poor safety record for women, as would be expected of a chemical whose purpose is to induce a disease (miscarriage). Nor have costs proved less than surgery. The wishful thinking of abortion defenders may turn out eventually, but the evidence is not there yet.  

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Quotation of the Week

Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Talk, “The Approach of Midnight” (mid-1970s)

        "How do we know the limits of the identity of the state of Illinois? By its boundary lines. A basketball court? By its foul lines. How do we know our own identity? By limits; by boundaries; by law; by order. And I think we lost all of these at 8:15 in the morning August the 6th 1945 when we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. That bomb blotted out boundaries of life and death, civilian and the military; and trust among nations. And so abortion from that point on is defended on the ground that one may do whatever he pleases."

[Thanks to Tom Faranda for finding this and Judy Anderson for transcribing it.]

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