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Peace & Life Connections #26 - September 10, 2010


Sharing the Message

        We now have four full-fledged videos (in addition to two PowerPoint slideshows) up on the CL YouTube channel. The first two came from a two-part presentation given at a peace conference with the topics connected as both belonging to peace psychology. One video is on the problem of “Killing as Trauma,” discussing how socially-approved killing is traumatic to those who do it across a variety of issues. The second is on the solution of “Nonviolence as Lively,” which details some sound psychological principles behind how nonviolence works. Both are over half an hour, but each includes a question-and-answer period at the end that can easily be dropped when a shorter presentation is called for. The third (24 minutes) came from a presentation at a Gandhian nonviolence conference and is called “Integrating the Culture of Peace and the Culture of Life.” and is followed separately by the question-and-answer following the presentation.


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 Opposition to Funding War Expanded in Congress

         The latest vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on funding the U.S. war in Afghanistan expanded to 114 opposed – still far too few to actually set policy, but a sign of growing discontent.

        The Democrats opposing the war funding who also regularly vote against abortion were: Jerry Costello (IL), Michael Doyle (PA), Marcy Kaptur (OH), Jim Oberstar (MN), and Bart Stupak (MI).

        As for Republicans, opposition moved from 5 in an earlier vote to 12, and all 12 have solid anti-abortion voting records. Ron Paul (TX) and Walter Jones (NC) have been strong against war for years on libertarian grounds. The other that earlier this year also voted for the Kucinich resolution to end the war were John Campbell (CA), John Duncan (TN), and Timothy Johnson (IL). The ones added this time are not to be accounted as anti-war so much as showing greater discernment in this particular situation: Paul Broun (GA), Jason Chaffetz (UT), Vernon Ehlers (MI), Jeff Flake (AZ), Phil Gingrey (GA), John Linder (GA), and Dana Rohrabacher (CA).

        Pat Buchanan referred to a growing movement of “anti-war conservatives” in the September 3 edition of The McLaughlin Group.

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CL Endorser John Dear to Receive Pacem in Terris Award

         John Dear is this year’s recipient of the Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award,Dear to be bestowed by the Pacem in Terris Coalition in Iowa on October 31. He expects to attend, if he’s not in jail at the time. He explains: “A year ago, 14 of us, including a number of priests and nuns, walked onto Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, headquarters of the drone program,” Dear said. “We walked on with roses and knelt down and prayed. They almost opened fire on us, they arrested us and put us in jail. The future is not the drones. We need to abolish these evil weapons and pursue nonviolent ways to resolve international conflict.”

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Quotation of the Week

Frank Kennedy

Who will be today's Wilberforce for unborn children?

        “Why should slavery, which we now find intolerable, have been accepted 200 years ago? There were many arguments for slavery, some as frivolous as saying that the slave trade "nurtured sailors for time of war," which implied that it desensitized them to the horrors of war. Captain Robert Norris claimed his voyages were "pleasure cruises for slaves" and the West Indian bloc in the House of Commons . . . claimed that the happiest day in an African's life was when he was shipped away from the "barbarism" of his homeland to the Americas. Is this not like the suggestion that some unborn children (particularly those with a disability) are better off being killed than being given the chance to live?”

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