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Peace & Life Connections #33 - October 29, 2010


Added to Our YouTube Channel: Helen Prejean Speaks

youtube         We videotaped Helen Prejean's October 4 talk,“Embracing the Consistent Life Ethic” as well as the question and answer period afterwards. She gives a personal account of how she came to embrace the consistent life ethic.  She is a CL endorser and gives a plug for CL towards the beginning. 

        If anyone has access to videos that would be good to have on our YouTube channel, or knows of videos already up on the web that we might want to link to there, please let us know at  

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Video Help Needed

         For years we have had two videos we offered in the VHS format which is no longer widely used – our Seamless Garment video, and Voices for Peace and Life - a recording of a roundtable discussion.  We’ve converted these to video files to put up on our YouTube channel. Both contain outdated contact information, which we need to strip out, put in the current information, and combine the two parts of each video into one video.  We are looking for a volunteer with the needed knowledge and software.  If you can do it or know someone who might, contact Bill Samuel at

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Writing to Share

       We are currently putting together our paper newsletter to come out before the end of the year. This has the advantage of allowing for longer pieces than the short items in this weekly e-newsletter. Member groups are encouraged to let us know what they’re doing so we can share the news. Individual members who have either news on actions or reflections on aspects of the consistent life ethic which they’d like to share with the wider consistent-life community are invited to send them in for consideration. The upper limit is 800 words, and the deadline is November 10.

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Quotation of the Week

Jim Wallis

 “Pro-Life Democrats? There are millions of votes at stake in this liberal miscalculation,”Sojourners, June 2004

        “The tragedy is, in America today one can’t vote for a consistent ethic of life. Republicans stress some life issues, Democrats others, while both violate the seamless garment of life on several vital matters. But the consistent life ethic still serves as an invaluable plumb line by which to evaluate all political candidates and parties.”

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