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Peace & Life Connections #38 - December 3, 2010


Baby Targeted on a Vote

        It’s not often that deception is morally superior to strict honesty, but we can only babyhope that this couple means this as a satire. On a website called “Birth or Not: Help us Decide, a Real Abortion Vote,” there is this introduction: “You can vote and choose whether we abort or keep our unborn child. For the first time, your vote on the topic of abortion can make a difference.” Sonograms of the baby are included, as copied here. The logic of heartless “choice” joins the many other forms of socially-approved violence in becoming desensitized and habitual. (Thanks to subscriber Sherry Madrone for bringing this to our attention.)

        As of Thursday, December 2, the site says the vote is closed, with over 2 million votes, and they’re submitting it to a third-party vote wizard to check for fraud.

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Upcoming in D.C.: Commemorating 20 Years of War in Iraq

         CL member groups Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House and Pax Christi and CL Endorser Bishop Thomas Gumbleton are among those who will be commemorating the 20th anniversary of the start of the Gulf War in 1991. While direct military operations only lasted a few weeks, the sanctions regimen imposed was the modern version of the classic warfare technique of a siege. Huge numbers of innocent children died because of those sanctions. Several events during the day are planned, culminating in a candlelight vigil at the White house at 7PM. For more information, contact Malachy Kilbride of the January 15 Peace Committee:

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 Delving Deeper: Poverty and Abortion

 PLC 38 men coerced        While poverty can serve as a direct pressure for abortion, there are also indirect routes. One of them is when poor people interact with social workers. When those social workers are convinced that feticide is a necessary way to avoid problems, then the pressures they arrange for can be intense. Both mothers and fathers of unborn children are pressured. This is covered in “Men Can be Victims of Coercion Too” by a website called “Abortion is the UnChoice,” which documents how unwanted abortions are pushed.

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Member Group Action

        Long-time CL member group, Saints Francis & Therese Catholic Worker House in Worcester, Massachusetts, invite people to join a Vigil Against War and Abortion, starting at the Park Avenue military recruiting station and proceeding to the Pleasant Street Planned Parenthood, on December 3 and again on January 7. Those in the area that would like to participate can call for more details at 508-753-3588 or 508-753-3089. Meanwhile, can you think of where the best route for such a vigil or march in your own community might be?

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Quotation of the Week

Shane Claiborne - The Simple Way

        “A consistent ethic of life is one of the most urgent needs in the world today.  Christ was the Way, the Truth, and the LIFE.  It is time for a movement of people who are all about interrupting death and cherishing life, from the womb to the tomb.  I am grateful for the persistent and courageous work of the Consistent Life foundation.  May we all continue to join them in graciously getting in the way of all that destroys life – whether it be abortion, poverty, capital punishment, war, or apathy.”  


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