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Peace & Life Connections #39 - December 10, 2010


In the News – Conscience Not Allowed

        It’s common for those doing violence to also try to force people to participate. It helps assert that the violence is justified. Men currently registering for the draft in the U.S., for example, have no option of listing themselves as conscientious objectors; that would have to wait until an actual draft. Yet anti-violence people have always pushed for at least allowing those whose conscience forbids them to participate to be conscientious objectors.

        nurse For abortion, the Church amendment (named after Senator Frank Church) has forbidden employment discrimination. Yet when Catherina Cenzon-DeCarlo (pictured here), who worked as a nurse at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, sued the hospital for forcing her to participate in a late-term abortion, despite her written conscientious objection when she was hired, the federal appellate court dismissed her appeal. They said Congress hadn’t provided for a “private cause of action” – meaning individuals can’t sue. This amount to the same thing as saying there’s no way to enforce the right of conscience.  

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 Follow-up on “Birth or Not”

        We reported last week on a website vote on whether to abort a specific baby. The reason they were at that time checking for fraud is that on November 20, the vote was about 81% to 19% in favor of giving birth, and yet in a 30-hour period around November 21, it shifted to 42% to 58% in favor of abortion. Fraud was defined as any more than two votes from the same computer. With all those removed, the final vote was:

Give Birth: 73.79%
Have an Abortion: 26.21%
Total votes: 278,084       

        Compare this with the original vote, before the clean-up:

Give Birth: 22.37%
Have an Abortion 77.63%

        For giving birth, 54.3% of the votes were eliminated for being higher than the 2 allowed per computer. For having an abortion, the figure is 95.3%. That is, over a million and a half pro-abortion votes got reduced to just under 73,000. The list of the “Top 500 Fraudsters” is interesting.

         Much discussion ensues at the Birth or Not website; they attribute the problem to people not taking voting seriously. Yet since we at CL understand the dynamics of how socially-approved violence works and how it’s similar across the board, we can offer another explanation, as covered in the Quotation of the Week below.

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Quotation of the Week

John Noonan
A Private Choice, 1979, p. 82

The author explicitly applies the principle to abortion; it clearly applies to other violence as well.

slavemasters       “Why did the slave-holders act as if driven by the Furies to their own destruction?... Why did they take such risks, why did they persist beyond prudent calculation? The answer must be that in a moral question of this kind, turning on basic concepts of humanity, you cannot be content that your critics are feeble and ineffective, you cannot be content with their practical tolerance of your activities. You want, in a sense you need, actual acceptance, open approval.  If you cannot convert your critics by argument, at least by law you can make them recognize that your course is the course of the country.” 

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