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Peace & Life Connections #50 - March 11, 2011

 Fifth Prolife World Congress / V Congreso Internacional Provida
A50 Congreso
"La transmisión de la vida: una maravilla de la creación"
        The fifth Hispanic-world international congress will be held in San José, Costa Rica, from October 28 through 30, 2011. Costa Rica has no standing army and is a leader in peace accords, and it plays a role in environmental research and development, making it an especially appealing venue to the consistent-life mind. As congress organizers put it: “Costa Rica is one of the most advanced countries of the world in many aspects. A propagator of a culture of peace and concord and, at the same time, it is the top country in the defense of the life of the human embryo after establishing a legal frame that excludes any experimentation and torture.” CL Board member Richard Stith has attended the Congress in the past, and is enthusiastic about recommending it.
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Bernard Nathanson, (July 31, 1926 – February 21, 2011)
A50 Nathanson        One of the most effective things about movements against violence is that they can attract people who are active in bringing about that violence. As with war veterans for peace or execution staff who turn against the death penalty, the most effective anti-violence spokespeople are often those who know about it from the inside. Bernard Nathanson was one of the most famous of the many abortion doctors who have joined the pro-life movement, because he also was a founder of the National Association to Repeal Abortion Laws (NARAL). He converted when the reality hit him: he saw an ultrasound. He recently died of cancer at the age of 84.
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Consistent Candidates: Joe Schriner
A50 Shriner        Joe Schriner is an independent U.S. presidential candidate for 2012 whose platform revolves around a Consistent Life Ethic – opposed to abortion, euthanasia, poverty, pollution, nuclear proliferation – "anything that can end life prematurely," he says. Schriner has campaigned in four successive election cycles, traveling with his family. A former journalist, he’s looked for people who have developed models to stand up for life in all its dimensions, then takes the information about from town to town. "If people pick up on these, we can get policies enacted long before we ever get to D.C."  During his tours, he looks for Consistent Life Ethic contacts and their stories. He can be reached at
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Good News: Illinois Abolishes Death Penalty
        A heart-warming headline in the Chicago Tribune for Wednesday, March 9: Illinois Governor “Quinn signs death penalty ban, commutes 15 death row sentences to life.” This step by a populous and influential state will have a good effect in changing the mind of the community.
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Quotation of the Week
William Saletan
Slate Magazine, June 1, 2009
Note: Saletan favors abortion legality, and as such still makes the connection between it and war.  
A51 Saletan
        “[George] Tiller was the country's bravest or most ruthless abortion provider, depending on how you saw him ... To me, Tiller was brave. His work makes me want to puke. But so does combat, the kind where guts are spilled and people choke on their own blood. I like to think I love my country and would fight for it. But I doubt I have the stomach to pull the trigger.” 

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