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Peace & Life Connections #54 - April 8, 2011

When Inconsistency is Attacked While Promoting It
        Jon Stewart’s program on the Comedy Central channel, The Daily Show, does comedy by acting as if it were a news program. While called “fake news,” Stewart uses real news clips and skewers real hypocrisies. The March 30 episode showed Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour bragging about how new pro-life laws made his state the safest for unborn children. Stewart then asserted that Mississippi was ranked 50th out of 50 in the health care statistics for its born children. This picture was then put up to great applause for its wording – the inconsistency is stark, and the generally “pro-choice” audience loved to have it confronted.

A54 Jon
        But note the picture they put on that license plate – the pre-natal child. Consistency, by definition, goes both ways, and must therefore be confronted in both directions. The obvious way – and the only way – to avoid heartless inconsistency is to provide good health care for everyone, born and unborn, child and adult.
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Cool Stuff from Elsewhere
 A54 shirt       Thanks to subscriber Sherry Thackrey for sending in this t-shirt available from a pro-life site: This gray T-shirt proclaims "Social Justice for All" and "Neither race, strength, residence, size nor ability should determine a person's right to life." 
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Mother Love
        CL Board member Rob Arner sends this link to a story of a mother who values her special needs children – conjoined twins – and struggles to get them the best when much of society and the medical establishment urges her to let them die.
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Quotation of the Week
Nat Hentoff, columnist
speech to the Americans United for Life Forum in Chicago on October 18, 1986 (condensed)
A54 Hentoff 2        I remain an atheist,a Jewish atheist. For me, this transformation started with the reporting I did on the Babies Doe. While covering the story, I came across a number who were convinced that making it possible for a spina bifida or a Down's syndrome infant to die was the equivalent of what they called "late abortion." These infants were born. They were entitled to at least the same rights as people on death row – due process, equal protection of the law. So for the first time, I began to pay attention to the "slippery slope" warnings of pro-lifers. And I began to find out, in a different way, how the stereotypes about pro-lifers work. When you're one of them and you read about the stereotypes, you get a sort of different perspective. 
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