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Peace & Life Connections #94 - January 27, 2012

March for Life
        The Consistent Life contingent had a good presence as usual at this annual event. Pictured on the left below before the March, we are with the D.C. chapter of Pax Christi, a member group. On the right, we are at the Supreme Court, where mothers and fathers who had had abortions told their tales of being traumatized and deceived and pressured, challenging the judges who decided Roe v Wade with the wreckage to the very people the decision was in theory supposed to help. As with combat veterans who oppose the wars they were just fighting, people in the group expected to be most in favor of the violence have among the most effective voices to oppose it and to uncover its hideous reality.
 A94 DC
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West Coast Walk for Life
A94 West Coast        Dove Bentley writes: “See my EMBRACE A Consistent Ethic sign out there in the middle of the crowd?! Got lots of great comments on it, including from the counter-protesters at this past weekend's West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco.”
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        A couple of Occupy Wall Street protesters were attempting to offer peace buttons for sale at the March for Life. One response they got from the crowd was, “You can’t have peace without life!” Another response was our contingent, which had a friendly talk about how we shared their concerns.
        This is another example of how the consistent life ethic strengthens the pro-life movement (as well as the other peace and justice movements). Some pro-lifers have criticized us as watering down the abortion issue as one of many. But telling people that the kind of violence they’re interested in opposing is simply not as important as the kind you’re opposing is generally not a persuasive strategy. The statement that you can’t have peace without life is true; you also can’t have life without peace. But asserting true statements isn’t the point – the point is, which approach is more persuasive? Which is more likely to bring more people into the pro-life movement?   
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Time to Register for Conference

        January 31 is the deadline for early registration, with reduced fees, for our 25th Anniversary Conference March 9-11 in Chevy Chase, MD.
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Quotation of the Week
Emmanuel Charles McCarthy
Abortion and War,” Center for Christian Nonviolence
         “In the very first news program I saw on TV after the start of the 1991 war between the U.S. and Iraq, an American pilot was being interviewed. He said he experienced no interference in dropping his bombs and that when he left Baghdad, “It was lit up like a Christmas tree!” . . .  To analogize a Baghdad of a thousand horror-filled infernos to a “lit Christmas tree” is a grotesque misrepresentation of the event that is taking place.  However, it is an accurate representation of a human mind and heart drugged into a moral stupor by the war propaganda of erotic nationalism. . . .  Is it not the flagrant misnaming of reality that is the foundation for all pro-abortion philosophies and politics? Is it not the obstinate refusal to call murder by its correct name, murder, that is at the heart of the pro-choice position? Is not the misnaming of murder as just another “medical operation” the hook on which all pro-choice propaganda hangs?”
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