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Peace & Life Connections #234
October 31, 2014

U.S. Elections on Tuesday, November 4
        There were unsuccessful attempts to put some aspect of the death penalty on the ballot this year in the states of California and Colorado. War is not normally covered under state referenda, and thankfully there are no more attempts to put euthanasia or assisted suicide on the ballot this year since it lost in Massachusetts in 2012.

234         The major referendum to watch on for in the U.S. elections coming up on November 4 is Question 1 in Tennessee. Their Supreme Court has ruled that legislation on abortion is not allowed even where the U.S. Supreme Court allows it. Question 1 would allow the legislature to do what is at least allowed under Roe v. Wade.

        There are also “personhood amendments” in Colorado and North Dakota, but they aren’t expected to pass and are controversial among pro-lifers.
         CL member Sheldon Schafer, a speaker at our 25th anniversary conference, is on the ballot as the Green Party write-in candidate for the state of Illinois Secretary of State. 

The Say So March
        From October 11-13 cities around the country hosted the Say So March, focusing on the connection of abortion to racism. These were sponsored by L.E.A.R.N., whose national director, Rev. Johnny Hunter, is a CL Endorser who was a keynote speaker at our 25th anniversary conference.
234 LEARN 2 

The Grim Chapter of Torture
         CL Endorser Adolfo Perez Esquivel of Argentina, Nobel Peace Prize laureate for 1980, is one of 12 Peace Prize winners to sign an open letter to President Obama asking for full accountability on what happened concerning torture after the 9-11 attacks.
Men’s “Right to Use”
        For those who aren’t convinced that men use abortion as an aid to sexual exploitation of women, this is well documented in a blog on “Return of Kings” instructing men how to lie and manipulate women (called girls) who are reluctant. The two graphics that go with the story are also astonishingly callous.   
Ayn Rand Again
        We’ve commented before about how Ayn Rand is a nearly “seamless shroud” philosopher who connects issues of violence by supporting them. Yet she’s admired by politicians who are showing huge inconsistency by doing so. Now comedian John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight show explains this more as part of their “How is This Still a Thing?” series. Note: as with all videos from John Oliver, expect salty language.
234 Rand
Quotation of the Week
Andrew Kaethler, Canadian writer
Clarion Journal of Spirituality and Justice, June 8, 2006
        Why does it feel like voting in a political election requires a moral compromise? Should casting a ballot be based on choosing a lesser evil? . . . The “left” is anti-war because innocent lives will be lost yet it embraces abortion, pro-choice. The “right: is pro-life on the abortion issue because they seek to protect the lives of the innocent babies yet are pro-war. How can a person seeking to defend the lives of specific innocent individuals so easily embrace taking the lives of those outside of that exclusive circle?
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