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Peace & Life Connections #9 - May 14, 2010


In the News – U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan on the CL issues

CL 9 Kagan 3 2At her hearing for Solicitor General in 2009, Kagan said: “I am fully prepared to argue, consistent with Supreme Court precedents, that the death penalty is constitutional.”

She also agreed at that hearing when Senator Lindsey Graham asked her “Now, when you talk about the physical battlefield, if our intelligence agency should capture someone in the Philippines that is suspected of financing al-Qaida worldwide, would you consider that person part of the battlefield, even though we're in the Philippines, if they were involved in al-Qaida activity?" By agreeing, she is endorsing the view that the whole world is defined as a battlefield and people contributing money can be accounted as enemy combatants – a status that means they can be imprisoned indefinitely without trial.

On abortion, she argued that the regulations on Title X family planning funds against counseling or referring for abortion amounted to subsidizing anti-abortion speech. She seemed to be disparaging the avengers of “innocent life” in quotation marks in a 1980 essay. In the Clinton administration, she wrote a memo in favor of the Daschle approach to a partial-birth abortion ban; that legislative maneuvering kept the procedure legal for another six years.

Less information is available on assisted suicide and euthanasia, which have not come up much in courts but certainly have potential to.

Another Consistent Life Candidate for U.S. Congress

Bill Scheurer is a nationally recognized peace activist and long-time enthusiastic supporter of Consistent Life, occasionally coming up with creative ideas for us. He has run for Congress as a peace candidate in the past and is running again this year as an independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 8th District of Illinois.

Letter to the Editor 

Marilyn Kopp submitted the following letter to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. We remind subscribers that we encourage you to send in short letters or blog postings (or links to longer blog postings) to share.

In her Friday letter “Should they ever have been born?” Gloria Shewitz callously suggests that it would be better to abort children rather than bring them into abusive home situations. Deciding that someone’s life has no value because she might be abused is not a workable standard. Do we really want to tell abused children that they are better off dead? When I see a battered child, I want to comfort her, not kill her. Healing is always possible.

In the News

Ellen and Frank McNeirney from our member group Catholics Against Capital Punishment alert us to an article on a Utah Bishop connecting opposition to the death penalty to the “seamless garment,” another name for the consistent life ethic, at an April 23 rally.

Quotation of the Week

on the occasion of the latest Supreme Court nomination

James WilsonJames Wilson, United States Supreme Court Justice, signer of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution

"Lectures on Law," 1791

"With consistency, beautiful and undeviating, human life from its commencement to its close, is protected by common law. . . . By law it is protected not only from immediate destruction, but from every degree of actual violence."

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