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Peace & Life Connections #214
June 13, 2014

Web Page for Our Colorful Cards
CL Hamer 2        We have prepared a number of 4" x 6" cards which feature people who embrace the consistent life ethic. Because these are colorful and small, we find they attract a lot of pick-ups at tables. Which people you select can be tailored to the audience. We also have them in a 2-column letter-size page PDF format so they can be more easily printed for easy use.
        We do not maintain stocks of the letter-size versions, but do of the cards. If you want some to distribute, please email Consistent Life Cards; also write there if you have ideas for other people who would be helpful to be covered.
        If you are using them to promote Consistent Life, we don't insist on you paying for them. But if you can, it helps. Suggested donations: $15/100, $8/50, $5/25 or a la carte at 25 cents apiece.
        All other donations are also cheerfully accepted, and there’s also an option for individual membership for those who want it.

Once Again: Down Syndrome Kids Are Cool
        Subscriber Mike Gude alerts us to an article in his newspaper that decries the fact that when Down Syndrome is detected prenatally, around 90% are aborted. It’s entitled “If we play God, the world will be a lesser place” (May 22, 2014, by Daniel Taylor). Sub-headline: “Technology gives us the ability to abort the disabled. But then we’d miss out on joy like this. . . ”
University Faculty for Life
        Pictured here are CL Board members Rachel MacNair presenting and Richard Stith moderating a session at the University Faculty for Life conference June 7 at Fordham University. We had CL cards along with books available to conference-goers, and sold some of the books.
CL 214 UFL

New Group Member
        The Daughters of Charity - Province of St. Louise has joined CL as a member group. The Daughters of Charity are a community of women who devote their lives to serving the poorest and most abandoned individuals in today’s society. They minister in the everyday worlds of the poor and the marginalized, and serve on every continent except Antarctica. In telling us of their desire to be a part of CL they said, "We are very impressed with the work you do and would be proud to be listed as a member." We are very glad to welcome them as a member group.
Quotation of the Week
David Carrol Cochran, author of Catholic Realism and the Abolition of War
On Killing Soldiers: Was it legitimate to shoot at Joseph Ratzinger during World War II?
America (a Catholic magazine), May 26-June 2, 2014
        Even though there remain compelling reasons to fight wars, just as there can be compelling reasons for abortion, the reasons in both cases simply cannot override the exceptionless prohibition against the deliberate killing of the innocent. Even just wars butcher shocking numbers of innocent soldiers caught up in them. . . . no one can deny that both [U.S.-Iraqi] wars included the deliberate killing of conscripted Iraqi boys, themselves victims of the regime, who were sitting in their barracks or trenches and who never saw the bombs coming. They, like the 16-year-old Joseph Ratzinger asleep in his bunk, did not deserve to be killed any more than unborn children in the womb. The circumstances that make war or abortion seem necessary, no matter how grave, still do not change the wrongness of the killing.
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