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Peace & Life Connections #236
November 14, 2014

Hidden Connections
        In the recent well-publicized book by Pulitzer-prize-winning author James Risen, At Any Cost: Greed, Power, and Endless War, Risen devotes a chapter to the role of the American Psychological Association (APA) in the torture regimen of the Bush administration. The report of this “PENS Task Force,” which gave professional sanction to shockingly unprofessional behavior, was one that was railroaded through under poor reasoning.
         Fortunately, as James Risen reports, the APA just announced November 12 that it is hiring independent counsel to do an investigation about the allegations in Risen’s book, so remedies may be on the way.
        At around the same time, the APA had a Task Force on Mental Health and Abortion. At around the same time, the APA had a Task Force on Mental Health and Abortion. This task force presented itself as a group that considered all the evidence, but in fact the final product showed clearly that every member of the task force was interested in casting arguments in such a way as to defend abortion, avoiding arguments that might suggest otherwise. CL vice-president Rachel MacNair argued the points at APA meetings, and was told she was “brave” – but scientific debate shouldn’t require bravery, should it?
        There is no word on anyone thinking of a remedy for this railroaded product.  

SOA Watch

236 2        Consistent Life has endorsed the annual Vigil at Fort Benning November 21-23. This is sponsored by the School of the Americas Watch, founded by CL endorser Roy Bourgeois. The Vigil has taken place every year since 1990, the year after the murder of 6 Jesuit priests in El Salvador, to protest the training of Latin Americans in torture and death squad techniques. CL has generally had a presence at the Vigil. This year, the authorities tried to ban the Vigil, but SOA Watch was successful in defending its First Amendment rights.

Religions and Nonviolence
        Rachel MacNair (editor of this e-newsletter) has been asked by Praeger Publishers to write a book called Religions and Nonviolence: The Rise of Effective Advocacy for Peace. As with all her books, it will be consistent-life friendly, by including ways of countering all physical violence against people and animals. Part 1 will take the world’s religions (and atheism) one by one and discuss their nonviolence traditions. Part 2 will cover nonviolence traditions and offer religious insights and detail religious practices that help with the practice of these traditions.
        If any college professors think this sounds like a good textbook, or any reader knows of such professors, please contact Rachel at She needs to convince the publishers that this would be the case in order to get them to put out a more reasonably-priced paperback version; the expensive hardcover version severely limits the readership.
236 nonvio
Quotation of the Week
Rob Arner, Consistently Pro-Life: The Ethics of Bloodshed in Ancient Christianity

        In this study, I have traced the ethic of the pre-Constantinian church through a series of individual moral issues related to the taking of human life, and have found that, without exception, the church strongly condemned the taking of human life in any form whatsoever. Neither homicide, nor feticide, nor infanticide, nor suicide, nor capital punishment, nor killing in war were considered acceptable to a church fiercely committed to following the teaching and moral example of the incarnate Lord.
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