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Peace & Life Connections #240
December 12, 2014

Terra Cotta Daughters
        To protest the that girl babies are missing in China due to sex-selection abortions, artist Prune Nourry made 108 terra-cotta statues modeled after China’s famous ancient Terra Cotta Warriors.
        These statues have been displayed in New York City, London and China, and will soon go to Mexico City.

 240 Terra Cotta
 Photo: Carol Crossed visits, shows the size of the figures
New CL Newsletter
         The latest edition of the Consistent Life newsletter is now out in printed form and on our website. The newsletter reviews events of the past year, including our participation in the Life/Peace/Justice Conference in Philadelphia, and previews our upcoming 2015 conference, Making the Connections: Life, Peace & Justice, in Austin, TX. Other topics covered are protests against nuclear weapons, links between abortion and gun violence, and nonviolent resistance to Nazi Germany.

January 22 Roe Events
                January 22 is the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the United States -- a major annual commemoration for U.S. pro-life activists. As usual, Consistent Life will have a presence at the National March for Life in Washington D.C. and associated events.
        Our friends at Life Matters Journal will be hosting a meet-up at the March for Life, which CL will co-sponsor and participate in. We will also host a discussion at the William Penn House after the March.
        We will  have exhibit tables at the March for Life Exhibit Hall on January 21 and 22 and at the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on January 24. Also that day, on the other side of the country, is the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco, where we will have a presence and Life Matters will be hosting another meet-up. Further updates are coming, but save the dates now.
        Everyone in the U.S. should be able to find local protests as well. One group called Protest ABQ (Abuquerque) is calling for a national boycott and general strike on January 22 and 23 – not buying anything and not going to work those two days, devoting them to protest instead.
March for Life  2012
Quotation of the Week
Jen Roth, blog of CL member group All Our Lives
        If you don’t want to grant someone a status in the first place, any excuse to revoke it will do. So it is with the right not to be killed. If people wanted to see an 18-year-old black man as a fully human person deserving of the right to life, then video of him allegedly swiping a handful of cigars and shoving a store clerk wouldn’t change that . . . That he was tall and heavy wouldn’t change that . . .white people miss those questions on the humanity test, as it were, all the time without being dismissed as thugs who need killing . . . nobody who considers themselves pro-life should embrace an ideology that requires human beings to pass tests to be considered worthy of living.
        And speaking of pro-life, consider this: In the United States, the abortion rate is highest among black women. Black women in America have 40 abortions per 100,000 women — almost 4 times the rate among non-Hispanic white women. That’s 360,000 black lives ending in abortion every year . . . How many of those abortions would have been avoided if black Americans, on average, had the same healthcare, access to resources, and life prospects as white Americans? If we acted like black lives, born and unborn, really matter?
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