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Peace & Life Connections #256
April 17, 2015

Our Current Abortion Law as a Product of Men
       Charles Camosy has an excellent article at the site of our member group Evangelicals for Social Action.
Rules of Etiquette
        A recent letter to Miss Manners helps document the point about how abortion makes men startlingly unaware of their own parental responsibilities. Miss Manners, pen name of Judith Martin, takes the approach of etiquette being interpersonal harmony – peace interactions on the individual level. We’ve quoted a column where beginning and ending of life courtesies were both covered; while observing basic etiquette isn’t a common connection we cite, it works as one of many.
        The letter:
DEAR MISS MANNERS: I am a teenage boy who apparently has impregnated a teenage girl. She says she's in love with me still, but also she will not get an abortion and insists that I pay support. I think this is all mood swings. How do I support her morally but not monetarily?
        Miss Manners, as always, gives the proper response:
GENTLE READER: That is neither a moral nor a legal position. Miss Manners trusts that the young lady's lawyer will explain that to you.
Abortion Pill Reversal
        While most nonviolent alternatives apply best before violence is started, there are ones that can still be done when it’s not too late. Just as a last-minute reprieve can stop an execution even after it’s started, the technology has been worked out to stop (in most cases) the RU-486 abortion pill after it’s been taken. As explained at the website: “Progesterone is the natural hormone in a woman’s body that is necessary to nurture and sustain a pregnancy. Mifepristone blocks progesterone’s actions by binding to progesterone receptors in the uterus and the placenta. By giving extra progesterone, we hope to outnumber and outcompete the mifepristone in order to reverse the effects of mifepristone.”
256 pill reversal 1
         The organization Abortion Pill Reversal – web site: – has a network of doctors familiar with how this can be done. They have quite bit of experience with the numerous women who took the pill under pressure or in a panic and then changed their minds and want to reverse its effects. It’s not always successful, unfortunately, but as long as there’s life, there’s hope.
        People outside clinics that offer the abortion pill and those working in crisis pregnancy centers need to be familiar with this. The organization is always looking for more doctors who would like to be trained in the technique and available in the network.
        Their hotline phone number is 877-558-0333. 
 256 pill reversal 2
Quotation of the Week
War Crimes Tribunal, “Doctors of Infamy,” 1948
Discussing the role of doctors in the Nazi Holocaust, thereby connecting euthanasia and genocidal war
        Had the profession taken a strong stand against the mass killing of sick Germans before the war, it is conceivable that the entire idea and technique of death factories for genocide would not have materialized . . . but far from opposing the Nazi state militantly, part of the medical profession co-operated consciously and even willingly, while the remainder acquiesced in silence. Therefore our regretful but inevitable judgment must be that the responsibility for the inhumane perpetrations . . . rests in large measure upon the bulk of the medical profession.
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