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Peace & Life Connections #258
May 1, 2015

Cultivating Shalom in a Violent World
        Al Tizon with CL member group Evangelicals for Social Action has had published online an excellent essay entitled Life and Peace: Cultivating Shalom in a Violent World. We quote the beginning of it below. He mentions CL and cites our Purpose Statement about building bridges among opponents of violence.
WILPF – 100th Anniversary Conference
      The program for the conference of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom had four half-page ads in it, two pages of the booklet, so the space restriction that disallowed ads from us and member groups were severe. Those ads would have been half the ads and most of the ad space because two were full-pagers.
        Rachel MacNair and Rachel Peller (pictured) passed out leaflets making a nuclear-weapons/abortion connection (the Herman Kahn quotation with Julianne Wiley’s comment on it) at the two sessions on nuclear weapons, with other flyers leafleted at other sessions, including flyers in Spanish and others in  French. All these flyers constituted the only substantive remarks made to large numbers about abortion; WILPF's "reproductive rights" euphemism was mentioned only a couple of times onstage in passing without clarity as to what that includes.
        The two Rachels also wore consistent-life t-shirts and wrote on the "Share Your Thoughts" wall (MacNair pictured on the left, Peller on the right).
WILPF notes

       Interestingly, someone placed a paper stuck up with post-it notes over Rachel Peller's message; we don't know how long it was covered before Rachel took it down. 
       Audios of talks are online.

Opportunities to Help CL
        We have immediate needs to transition some roles in CL to new people. Those assuming them will have help in the transition from the person formerly filling those roles. We need a new Treasurer and a new Fundraising Coordinator, which could be two different people or the same person. Read details on these positions on our Web site. Those interested in possibly volunteering for one or more of these positions, please email our President Bill Samuel or call toll-free 1-866-444-7245.

Rest in Peace, Rose Evans
        We reported last week on the peaceful death of long-time CL activist Rose Evans. Here is her obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle.
Quotation of the Week
Al Tizon
Life and Peace: Cultivating Shalom in a Violent World, April 8, 2015
Excerpted from chapter 9 of Missional Preaching: Engage, Embrace, Transform by Al Tizon, Judson Press, 2012.

        In college, I joined the right-to-life movement, having been profoundly convinced that abortion-on-demand was the unjustifiable taking of human life. Years later, while serving as a pastor, I joined with many other clamoring voices and marching feet in protesting the preemptive war that the United States declared on Iraq in particular and on global terrorism in general. And now as I write, I am a part of an interfaith movement in my city that seeks to prevent gun violence, which cuts short the lives of thousands of youth not only in the streets of inner cities but also in the school hallways of the supposedly safer suburbs. As I reflect upon the causes that have inspired me to action through the years, a common conviction has driven them—namely, the sacredness of life and the ethical call to resist the violence that seeks to destroy it.
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