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Peace & Life Connections #261
May 22, 2015

Good News
        In another of our segments that sees signs of hope on our issues, we have:
aa dotThe U.S. state of Texas went from 41 abortion clinics in May 2013 to only 22 that November because of laws requiring greater safety measures. Now a study shows what happened to the abortion rate: there was a 13% decrease. No word yet on what happened to the birth rate, but if it’s similar to other sudden legal changes (parental consent for minors, cutting of Medicaid funding, and outright bans in Nicaragua and Poland), the abortions that aren’t happening aren’t replaced with more childbirth, but with greater care about not getting pregnant.  
aa dot 2Practitioners of the death penalty are still having trouble finding the drugs for lethal injections, to the point where the governor of Nebraska announced he had found some to be shipped from India – yet the legislature of Nebraska has recently voted to abolish the death penalty! By a veto-proof majority, if all remain after the governor’s promised veto. (See CL Endorser Shane Claiborne’s comment.)
aa dot 3We reported recently on the problem of excess military equipment being sent to police in the U.S. Now the Obama administration has recognized why this causes trouble, and is now putting limits on what weapons of war go to police. We hope this move away from a war mentality will help lessen the war in the streets, better addressed by such nonviolent alternatives as community policing.
CL Historical Perspective Video
         Want to know more about our history? We have placed on our YouTube channel a panel presentation on the history of CL recorded at our 25th Anniversary Conference. The video features Mary Rider, Carol Crossed, Mary Meehan, Ken Maher and Rachel MacNair.

Conference on Dorothy Day
people - Day        CL Board member Rob Arner reports: “The Day conference was excellent. The plenary speakers highlighted just what a boundary- and category- defying person she was. Folks on the right love her for certain things, folks on the left love her for others, and the crazy thing is – everything about her is true!”
        We’ve quoted her on her consistent-life stand on abortion, along with general principles on small efforts and being a little cell of joy.


Clever Words? Send in Ideas
        We have all kinds of designs available through Café Press. We’d like to come up with more variety so that we have more to appeal to different kinds of people, especially for t-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers.
        Have you found a particular turn of phrase effective when discussing the consistent life ethic with others? Have you thought of clever ways of wording it? Are there particular images that appeal to you? Let us know at What works well we can get to graphic designers.
         Any graphic designers that would like to volunteer would also be welcome. 
Quotation of the Week
Obianuju Ekeocha
Is Legal = Safe?, May 15, 2014
Culture of Life Africa

graphic  Africa        As International Planned Parenthood Federation (and other like-minded groups) continues to mount coordinated pressure on African nations for legal and "safe" abortion for women, we see them pouring astronomical amounts of money to grease corrupt palms, confuse undecided minds and harden unsuspecting hearts towards the unborn in various African countries. 
        This is most unfortunate because throughout our Continent, there is a unanimous celebration of human life from the womb . . . 
        But all of this is under severe attack by the well-paid proponents of Abortion who have flown into Africa on the wings of wealthy, western pro-abortion organizations  . . . They speak with the unmistakable force and arrogance of 21st century imperialists.
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