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Peace & Life Connections #275
August 28, 2015

Film on Indian Gendercide
        Petals in the Dust is a new film on the roughly 50 million girls who are missing in India, some due to infanticide but mainly due to feticide, and what people in India are doing about it. Producers are trying to get the movie screened at colleges, churches, local art theaters, and so on, and invite people to help them arrange these. The more people are well-educated on this point, the better we as a world-wide community will be able to do something about it.
275 Petals
College Republicans Against the Death Penalty
        Ben Jones (a CL Endorser. pictured) sends in good news: “The Kansas College Republicans recently adopted a resolution opposing the death penalty. They decided to take this position on explicitly pro-life grounds: ‘We believe in promoting a culture of life from conception to natural death,’ said Dalton Glasscock, chairman of the Kansas Federation of College Republicans. ‘The effort is to make a more consistent policy — that we do stand for all life.’ This is the first College Republican group to our knowledge to take a position against the death penalty. A number of College Republicans around the country [the United States] have responded positively to the announcement from Kansas.”
people Ben Jones 2 
       Breaking news comes from the U.S. state of Nebraska, whose legislature recently over-rode its governor’s veto and voted to abolish the death penalty there: the governor has led a campaign to collect enough signatures to put the question on the state's November 2016 election ballot.  The repeal will be on hold if enough of these signatures are verified as valid. The results of this potential referendum could have widespread repercussions, and pro-life reasoning has been common throughout this state’s debate. 
World Parliament of Religions
        This year the interfaith World Parliament of Religions, which first met in 1893, and has more recently been meeting periodically world-wide, will convene in the U.S, from October 15-19 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Several thousand people from all over the world are expected. Consistent Life has arranged for an exhibit table. We get two registrations with that, and so far one is taken. Another CL person is already registered to attend sessions, but is paying her own way, so we have another free registration to offer.  We’ll offer it to anyone who can help out with the table in addition to going to sessions. If interested, please contact

Latest CL Blog
        Carol Crossed (CL Board member) has written “First Stirrings on Connecting the Life Issues” about her own personal experience with becoming convinced of adding opposing abortion to other peace issues, along with other happenings in the 1980s that led to Prolifers for Survival, the precursor group to Consistent Life. Most of our blogs make philosophical and educational points, but personal experience contributes a lot of insight and adds warmth. We encourage people who are thinking of writing pieces to think also of their own experiences in coming to the consistent life ethic or in advocating it to others – any experiences that would be of interest to the consistent-life community.
        To submit pieces for consideration as blogs, send to
Quotation of the Week
Katelyn Sills
Soapbox – Another View: Planned Parenthood is All about Abortion
The Sacrament Bee, August 13, 2015
        I’m a feminist who is against abortion for the same reason that I’m against an unarmed man getting shot in the back eight times, or a young boy being shot because he carried a toy gun. Like those instances, abortion is violence by the powerful against the powerless. As in those cases, it takes video evidence for people to wake up to the injustice.
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