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Peace & Life Connections #284
October 30, 2015

Elections, 2016
        We know people outside the U.S. find this amusing, being much more sensible about how long election seasons are, but in the U.S., the presidential race which will finally be voted on November 8 of next year is all the rage in the news. We’re unaware of any consistent-life candidates running, but there are likely to be some outside of the presidential race. We ask our readers to let us know if any consistent-life candidates show up for governors, senators, representatives, mayors, or any other office. We don't endorse candidates, but we'd like to pass on information when relevant. Contact
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        Of more interest will be the referendums. By their nature, they’re single-issue, and very narrow at that, but we’ll collect information on all of them that deal with any of the issues we focus on. Here’s what we have so far:
∞ Nebraska is set to vote on the death penalty. The legislature over-rode the governor’s veto of repeal, and the governor was a major financer of a successful petition drive to put it on the ballot. 
∞ California appears set to try again on parental notification for minors seeking abortion.
        We ask our U.S. readers to let us know of any more, even down to the city or county level.
        We also ask our readers in other countries to let us know of referendums or consistent-life candidates, since this would be important to share with the world-wide consistent-life community.
Web Resource: Bernardin Speeches
        CL Endorser Fr. Frank Pavone heads Priests for Life, which has a page with links to all of Cardinal Bernardin’s speeches developing the concept of the consistent life ethic. Fr. Frank adds some commentary on two common misunderstandings – one, that we think all issues are morally equivalent, and two, that we expect everyone to work on everything: “It is somewhat like accusing the Alcoholics Anonymous movement of not doing anything about the arms race. . .  For all I know, they may be just as concerned about it as I am. That doesn't mean they are not free to dedicate themselves to the ministry to which they are called.”
Quotation of the Week
Jack Hunter
How Being Anti-War Made Me Pro-life
284 baby        I became pro-life because I came to the conclusion that abortion ultimately meant distancing one’s self from the grim reality of the act performed. One has to pretend that it isn’t a life being taken to make the act less consequential. To reduce it to a mere “choice.” The human aspect is diminished.
        It’s the same way too many Americans view war, where the lives being taken in our name are so far away and so culturally different from us, that we get to a point where they’re not even considered fully human. They’re not even considered. They’re statistics. A blip on the news at best, if we ever even hear news about them at all.
        There’s nothing more precious than life. The greatest inhumanities are always caused when we are able to separate ourselves from our humanity.
Baby photo from Wikimedia Commons
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