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Peace & Life Connections #286
November 13, 2015

Latest Issue of On-line Life Matters Journal
286 LMJ
        Included in the latest issue, along with much more: CL Secretary John Whitehead has two essays, “Children of War: More Reasons Social Conservatives Should Oppose a Hawkish Foreign Policy” and “Rejecting Mass Murder: Looking Back at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.” CL Endorser Ben Jones discusses the conservative reasoning used by the Nebraska legislature for abolishing capital punishment there. C.J. Williams talks about governments who’ve been arresting people for having the nerve to feed homeless people, and L.A. Williams shows how both abortion and assisted suicide are not so private because of the influences on the vulnerable. Lawyer Kelsey Hazzard offers a pro-life analysis of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states, and Carol Crossed gives a delightful history lesson in “Women and Girls in The Wizard of Oz.”   

Call To Action Conference
        “Call to Action” is a group of progressive Catholics who, among other things, put on a large annual conference. We’ve had an exhibit there for several years running now. 
        Lisa Stiller reports: “The table at Call to Action got great response! So many people told us they were glad we were there, and some said they thought more work needs to be done by the church to connect the life issues. The cards were really popular. Once again a lot of admiration was expressed for Sr. Helen Prejean and Dorothy Day, with a lot of interested also in Shane Claiborne, Oscar Romero, and Cesar Chavez. It is especially important for us to be at Call to Action, as the workshops do not tie the life issues together. We are encouraged to hear people expressing an interest in hearing more about the Consistent Life issues and their connections!”
286 table 

286 Dear

Top, Lisa Stiller and Tony Masalonis staff the table.
Bottom: CL Endorser Fr. John Dear talks about the influence Thomas Merton has had on his advocacy for nonviolence as the way to turn around our culture of death to a culture of peace 
Latest CL Blog
        Vasu Murti makes the case for opposing violence, especially against both animals and unborn children, as an ethic to be followed by everyone and not merely specific religions in “Suffering and Injustice Concern Us All.”
Quotation of the Week
Life Matters Journal
        This journal is dedicated to the aborted, the bombed, the executed, the euthanized, the abused, the raped, and all other victims of violence, whether legal or illegal.
        We have been told by our society and our culture wars that those of us who oppose these acts of violence must be divided. We have been told to take a lukewarm, half-way attitude toward the victims of violence. We have been told to embrace some with love while endorsing the killing of others.
        We reject that conventional attitude, whether it’s called Left or Right, and instead embrace a consistent ethic of life toward all victims of violence. We are Life Matters Journal, and we are here because politics kills.n>
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