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Peace & Life Connections #290
December 11, 2015

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Action Needed
        A Houston hospital’s “bioethics” committee, rationalizing in a way typical of people trying to pretend they’re not killing, is moving to remove life support from a conscious man, Christopher Dunn, who says he doesn’t want it removed. For details and to sign a petition to the hospital, see this site.
Good News on Response
        In one of many nonviolent responses to the San Bernadino shootings, U.S. Muslims have raised over $167,000 in support of the families of victims.
Selective Arguments
        As a conservative magazine, National Review is often critical of the Left, so a recent article entitled “ target="blank"The Selective Argument that Political Rhetoric Leads to Violence” gives a list of when the argument is used and when it isn’t based on whether the cause is “left-wing” or not. The list it makes a case for connections across all issues of nonviolent advocacy: 
        “Wouldn’t Occam’s Razor suggest that those already driven by a desire or compulsion to kill other people are going to do so, and will merely latch on to whatever ‘reason,’ justification or excuse is at hand or is most convenient? Isn’t it ridiculous to expect sane people to watch what they say and restrict what thoughts they express in order to prevent a rampage by someone with an inherently illogical, literally unreasonable, not-sane thinking process?
        “Isn’t ‘don’t say what you think, because it might set off a crazy person’ the most insidious form of censorship, because none of us can really know what prompts a crazy person to go on a violent rampage?”
Blind Spots
        The graphic below is a tweet: “Words matter. When we dehumanize people, we make it easier for others to do them harm.”
          We at CL make this point frequently, of course. But this is a Planned Parenthood tweet.
290 blind spot
        They know they don’t want to be among the people who are dehumanized. They would do well to spread the principle to all the people who walk in their doors, including those still inside their mothers. 

Latest Blog:
        Rachel MacNair points out how very different the latest case of shooting nearby an abortion clinic was in Difference This Time: Pro-Life Heroism. The police officer who volunteered to rush to the clinic to help protect people from the shooting was pro-life. His actions are the opposite of vigilante action – a point that’s crucial to understand in the ongoing current debate about the incident, a point we need to be making in the forums we participate in.
Quotation of the Week
James R. Kelly
Finding Renewal: Why the pro-life movement should return to its roots
America Magazine, February 16, 2009.

        The Consistent Life network is mostly invisible to popular opinion, because the principle of nonviolence itself is neither recognized nor appreciated in American popular culture. Instances of particular protest against particular wars will receive attention in the media, but not the fundamental principle of pacifism—namely, the commitment to nonviolence. Indeed, no term and no principle is more alien to the nation state, especially in its foreign affairs, than nonviolence. Groups committed to nonviolence must mute and marginalize their radical principles in order to gain entry to the world of public opinion and commentary. Even in the churches, the early and strong biblical traditions showing that Christ taught nonviolence and his followers accepted it have been mostly marginalized.
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