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Peace & Life Connections #292
January 8, 2016

March for Life
         January 22 is the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision, which compelled legislative policy on abortion and blocked most efforts at any kind of protective legislation – thus removing even from women who had had abortions the ability to petition for a redress of their grievances.  It’s accordingly a time for widespread rallies, marches, and vigils. We have a web page detailing our participation – in Washington DC, on the West Coast, and this year there’s also a contingent including several of our member groups being organized by Life Matters Journal at the march in Chicago on the previous Sunday, January 17.
        We expect that many of our supporters will also attend their local events, and we offer resources (leaflets, cards, etc.) to pass out at these events.  Download and print as many as you need.
292 March 2 
Abortion Needed for War in Colombia
        FARC is the major rebel group in the South American nation of Colombia’s decades-long civil war, and it’s estimated about a third of their soldiers are women. BBC News reported December 12 that police in Spain have arrested for extradition a man accused of performing more than a hundred forced abortions on such soldiers. The government announced it was investigating at least 150 cases of such forced abortions. They were compelled so as not to undermine the women’s fighting ability. 
Latest CL Blog: De-funding Planned Parenthood?
        Since the idea of the U.S. federal government de-funding Planned Parenthood – that is, removing federal taxpayer money from the U.S. part of the organization, which makes up about 41% of its budget – is currently a hot topic and probably will be for some time to come, we discuss some strategic considerations and answer objections. Women in poverty should be able to access quality health care, and quality includes having it provided by people who don’t advocate killing as if it were medicine.
         A focus on positive, legitimate health care for low-income women is likely to move the legislative agenda further than a mere focus on the negative aspect of keeping public money away from an organization. Of course we still want to keep money from this organization, with the largest chain of abortion clinics in the U.S. and a major international advocate of abortions around the world.
Quotation of the Week
The Death Penalty, Mercy and Islam: A Call for Retrospection
Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl
    292 death penalty
        Cold utilitarian logic, rational self-interested deduction, instinct, and perhaps even simple whimsy and self-indulgence, when needed, will always supply human beings with good reasons to kill. Aside from that, the state, any political entity that represents the elite, and often the loudest and most obnoxious elements within a society will often want to possess the power to kill. If power, in general, is intoxicating, this kind of power, the power to kill, will often serve as a sort of hallucinogen, giving whoever possess it an ultimate sense of control, and a false sense of security.
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