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Peace & Life Connections #301
March 11, 2016

Fairer New York Times Coverage than Usual 
NY Times front page held up by Destiny Herndon De La Rosa 
         Photo: CL Endorser Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa holds up New York Times coverage of protests outside the Supreme Court during arguments in the case on Texas abortion clinic regulations. She’s the one holding the sign in the newspaper’s photo that says “I am a prolife feminist.”
         There was actually some objection from abortion-defending organizations that a photo of prolifers would be above the fold on the front page. They’re accustomed to having a monopoly on any positive coverage.

Sampling of Muslim Nonviolent Campaigns
        The prevalent verbal and hate-crime attacks on Muslims are still a major threat to peace, so we want to counter the stereotypes with a few of the many campaigns in which Muslims have successfully countered violence with nonviolence, in addition to the recent actions in Tunisia and Egypt called the Arab Spring.
World’s first nonviolent army, the Khudai Khidmatgar in India (now Pakistan)

Iran, 1891-1892
Egypt, 1919-1922
Kosovo, 1990-1998
Indonesia, 1998
        These are just a few; for more, search the Global Nonviolence Action Database for Muslims (or any other topic about nonviolent campaigns, including pro-life on abortion and other issues).
        See also these resources about pro-life Muslims, vegetarians, and Muslim cases against the death penalty and in favor of restorative justice.  
 301 Khan
Photo: Ghaffar Khan, organizer of the Muslim nonviolent army,
with Mohandas Gandhi
Interviews with Death Row Inmates
        The March 6 edition of 60 Minutes had a segment interviewing a variety of death row prisoners, giving more reality to this form of socially-approved killing.
Latest CL Blog: Duels
        If CL opposes all forms of legalized killing, why have we never condemned duels? Because, of course, they haven’t been either legal or widely practiced for a couple of centuries now. Yet they used to be so accepted that they kept happening even when made illegal.
        This is a historical success story: a form of what was socially-accepted killing, long gone. What are the lessons we can learn for those forms of killing we want to stop that remain socially acceptable now?
Quotation of the Week
Timothy Shipe, letter in June 2003 issue of The Progressive
        I am struck by how knee-jerk the liberal/progressive community is on the necessity of legal abortions. On every other issue, the progressive community looks at the parties involved, assesses the humanity, the vulnerability, the justice, the balance of power, and then weighs in on the side of the underdog. Every issue, that is, except for abortion.
        The day I accept as “progressive” the anti-human practice of willful abortion is the day I say OK to unjust war, unfettered capitalist exploitation of people and the environment, capital punishment, ethnic cleansing, and so forth.
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