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Peace & Life Connections #303
March 25, 2016

We Mourn Again
        CL Endorser Jim Wallis has written an excellent response: Deny the Terrorists their Victory.CL member group Pax Christi has a statement on the terror bombings in Brussels. CL board member Lisa Stiller rapidly organized a peace vigil to show support for the people in Belgium in Beaverton, Oregon – which was attended by the mayor! A Belgian Muslim has written a heartfelt response.

Dealing with US Political Parties: The Democrats
303 Elections 2        CL Endorser Charles Camosy has an opinion piece in the Washington Post, which is not normally an outlet for pro-life sentiment (as some of the wording suggests). The lengthy title makes the point of the article: “Democrats could destroy the GOP — if only they would welcome antiabortion liberals. A bigger tent would make Democrats unstoppable at the polls.”
         We’ve quoted similar points being made by Mark Shields and Jim Wallis. Consistent lifers have varying voting strategies.
Dealing with US Political Parties: The Libertarians
        As someone running for the Libertarian Party, Austin Petersen won’t get much media publicity. And while some of our supporters will be excited, others will be unable to support him because of other issues not dealing with peace and life stances. But any candidate that positively mentions the consistent ethic as part of the platform is unusual enough that we’ll always want to pass along the information.
        Petersen’s platform includes: “10. Encourage a culture of life, and adoption, and educate Americans about the “consistent pro-life ethic,” which also means abolishing the death penalty.”

March is Women’s History Month
        Marilyn Kopp (pictured) has this letter to the editor in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer
people - Kopp        March is Women's History Month. As we assess our progress, let's keep in mind that without a complete understanding of where we've come from, it's harder to envision where we need to go. Perhaps on no other issue is that more true than on abortion.
        Because modern feminism is so closely associated with a defense of abortion rights, few know that the founders of the women's movement believed in the worth of all human life and strongly opposed abortion.
        The same women who fought for the rights of slaves to be free, and the rights of women to vote, also fought for the unborn to be born and for their mothers to be supported.
        The early feminists viewed abortion as an injustice against fetal life that begins with injustice against female life. They considered it a symptom of women's oppression, not a solution to it.
        Let's work to fulfill our foremothers' dream of a just society, free from violence and oppression, where women can reach their greatest potential and where the lives and rights of all are honored and valued. Abortion will never fulfill that dream, but by working together, we all can.
Latest CL Blog
        Lisa Stiller writes about her recent attendance at the Religious Education Congress (around 40,000 attending), which featured speakers with a common thread that People Are So Much More than their Circumstances. This theme arises from those working against the death penalty, gang violence, and sex trafficking.

Quotation of the Week
Fr. Frank Pavone
       Too often our Church suffers from a gap between the anti-war, anti-death penalty stand and the anti-abortion stand. At the center of the Christian way of life is the dignity of the human person, and that dignity knows no boundary at the womb any more than it does at the prison or the battlefield.
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