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Peace & Life Connections #333
October 21, 2016

The Cascade
333 Finkel 2
        More and more women are accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault. This is a common pattern, easily explained. One woman who knows of no other instances may think accusing would be a nightmare worse than the original crime. Yet when one or two other brave women do so, or some event gives credibility to the claim, more come forward. One or two turns into a few, a few turns into several, and several turns into many.
        The most famous case of this phenomenon among abortion doctors is Brian Finkel. He ended up having over a hundred women come forward with stories of sexual assault during their medical exams. He was convicted of 22 counts of sexual abuse and sentenced to almost 35 years.  

Clinton and Children
        Hillary Clinton showed something about her often-stated concern for children in the October 19 US presidential debate. For full protection, the children need to be entirely born. Being near birth isn’t good enough. She defended very late-term abortions for reasons including “something terrible has happened or just been discovered about the pregnancy.”
        Though not specific, this could mean when the child is discovered to have “fetal abnormalities” – at least, this is a common justification for very late-term abortions.
        Killing someone because she has disabilities is horrible enough, but a positive portrayal of aborting those with disabilities (as is common in the media) can be devastating to efforts to stop discrimination against disabled children and adults.
        But did that vague phrase mean that? The current Democratic Party Platform is extreme enough to suggest so. If only the press would dig down deeper and ask for clarification.  
Progress on Petition to the Media
        This week we have ads linking to our petition (Include Feminists and Peace Advocates When Covering Pro-lifers) in NCR-online, which are e-newsletters of the National Catholic Reporter. We’re also making arrangements for ads in Sojourners e-mail outlets; Sojourners is a member group, a progressive evangelical magazine. We also have an excellent article in Live Action News.
        But the personal touch will bring more signatures than mere ads can, so be sure you’ve contacted all your friends that might be interested. Mere notification will get a few, but follow-up will get more. 


Latest CL Blog
blog Long 2
        Sharon Long has been active in the pro-life movement for decades, especially with Feminists for Life. From her vantage point as a Jewish New York resident, she shares her personal journey.
Quotation of the Week

Fenit Nirappil, The Washington Post “D.C. Politics” section, October 17, 2016
Right-to-die law faces skepticism in nation’s capital: ‘It’s really aimed at old black people’
Editor’s note: This was a front-page story in the print edition! There’s an unscientific online poll in the middle of the online version. At last view, the “no” on assisted suicide legalization was winning.
        Many in the black community distrust the health-care system and fear that racism in life will translate into discrimination in death, said Patricia King, a Georgetown Law School professor who has written about the racial dynamics of assisted death. “Historically, African Americans have not had a lot of control over their bodies, and I don’t think offering them assisted suicide is going to make them feel more autonomous,” King said . . . Some African American residents have said the legislation reminds them of the Tuskegee experiments, in which hundreds of black men with syphilis in Alabama unwittingly participated in a 40-year federal study of the disease’s long-term effect. The men were told they were being given “free health care” and were being treated for the disorder, when in fact they were not..
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