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Peace & Life Connections #357
April 21, 2017

History of North Korea: Another Case of Violence Begets Violence
357 North Korea 2       From Stephen Zunes, co-editor of our book Consistently Opposing Killing: “Up to one million North Korean civilians (out up a population of 9.5 million) were killed during the Korean War, primarily from U.S. bombing. Much of the country was physically destroyed. The trauma from that experience is a major reason for the paranoid and totalitarian nature of the North Korean regime. As a result, tweeting threats from the White House, holding massive military exercises along their border and off their coast, and rejecting Chinese diplomatic initiatives to defuse the crisis is probably not the best way to get them to act more rationally.” For more detail, see an article from Vox.
       Among many human rights violations in North Korea, witnesses assert that forced abortion and infanticide are commonly imposed on women prisoners and refugees.
       Changes are desperately needed. The dangers of making things worse by using yet more violence are very real.  
Good News: Arkansas Execution Spree on Hold
Death Penalty Baby 3       Developments are happening by the hour with Arkansas’s plan to execute eight prisoners in 10 days, but different court rulings have stayed them, either as a set or for particular individuals. Reasons for stays include a drug company upset and suing because they never intended their drug to be used for executions. Arkansas lawyers are still pushing in court, but at least the plan for a set starting last Monday isn’t happening.
       We had prepared a press statement pointing out that, while Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has an anti-abortion position, there have been a good number of pro-lifers, including conservative Republicans, who have understood that pro-life reasoning on abortion is connected to pro-life reasoning on the death penalty (see also our blog post).
       We’re delighted that the occasion for sending out the press release never happened. 
Webmaster needed
       CLN is looking for a volunteer to take over the responsibilities of Webmaster. The duties are to keep the Web site updated, under the direction of the CLN Educational Resources Committee. Our main Web site uses the Wix platform. Experience with Wix is desirable, but not essential. Each week we have to update the site with our weekly e-newsletter Peace & Life Connections. This needs to be done between Thursday evening when P&LC is finalized and Friday noon Eastern time, when P&LC is released. There is limited work on our legacy Web site, which uses straight HTML. If you have questions contact President Bill Samuel, or 301-943-6406, who has been serving as Webmaster.
Latest CL Blog: Intolerance Knows No Partisan Boundaries
        Lisa Stiller tells of times we applied for literature tables or ads and were turned down by people who use peculiar reasoning. The real reasoning is that they don’t like our abortion position, but for some reason they don’t just say so. As Lisa says, “Those on the Left portray themselves as the standard bearers of tolerance. Yet when it comes to abortion, tolerance often ends.”   
Quotation of the Week
Fred Allen
"Witness to the Execution", All Things Considered, National Public Radio, October 12, 2000
Allen describes feelings three years after taking part in executions.
        I don't know if it's a mental breakdown, I don't know if—it will probably be classified more as a traumatic stress, similar to what the individuals in war had, you know, and they'd come back from the war and it might be three months, it might be two years, it might be five years, all of a sudden they relive it again, and all that has to come out.
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