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Peace & Life Connections #155
April 12, 2013

Culture of Life Opposes Drones
        Brave New Foundation has produced a YouTube video entitled “What Religious Leaders Want to Tell Obama at Easter.” It features Christian and Jewish clergy, including CL endorsers Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton and Joe Nangle, OFM (Joe was CL president a while back). The video condemns the Obama administration’s policy of targeting killing by drones. In denouncing this policy, the Rev. Nangle uses language familiar to pro-lifers, saying that “instead of a culture of life, we are dealing death.”
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Culture of Life Opposes Gitmo Detentions
        An informal online group calling itself “A Bunch of Catholics Blogging to Close Gitmo“ recently produced several posts to raise awareness about the plight of those still imprisoned by the United States government at Guantanamo Bay. While this critique is welcome by itself, most of these bloggers have also written in defense of unborn life against the violence of abortion. One blogger, Sherry Antonetti, explicitly links these and other issues in her post:
        “Wrong is wrong. Violating rights and holding prisoners in permanent limbo isn't a policy any person with an R or a D beside their name should endorse . .  . we can't be a nation of laws if we ignore those laws when they are inconvenient.  Human beings matter.  They matter whether they are Muslim or have Alzheimer's or Down Syndrome or have been raped, or are the teenagers who committed the crime or are unborn.”
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Peace Psychology at APA – Update 
        Since Rachel MacNair was elected president of Division 48 of the American Psychological Association, which covers peace psychology, she has the prerogative to appoint study groups – “Presidential Task Forces” --  to consider what research has been done and needs to be done on specific issues. She chose three topics, with task forces now established: weaponized drones (8 members), capital punishment (5 members), and abortion from a peace psychology perspective (7 members). All have a variety of perspectives represented, allowing a lively exchange of views, and an ability to tell where there is and isn’t a consensus on the empirical evidence.
        One of the APA officials from the Public Interest section just this week told Rachel she was interested in seeing the outcomes – and that she also wanted to use in other places the wording Rachel came up with to explain the responsibilities of the task forces.  
        APA has an official position in support of abortion availability, has no official position on the death penalty but tends to apply psychology to reducing it, and maintains sections for both peace psychology (Division 48) and military psychology (Division 19).
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 Call for News from CL Members
        Consistent Life is putting together its report on activities during the year just past and would like to hear from CL members and member groups about what you were up to in 2012. If you organized a campaign, hosted an event, came out with a publication, or had other notable activities last year, please let us know! Send news to CL Secretary John Whitehead at by April 26th.
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Quotation of the Week
From the UK:
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         No woman should be driven to abort her baby through poverty or social exclusion. Abortion simply allows society to get away with ignoring the problems facing women in crisis pregnancies. The compassionate response is to allow women, whatever their background, the resources necessary to bring up their children.
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