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Peace & Life Connections #205
April 11, 2014

Widespread Local Actions this Fall
        John Dear, CL Endorser and author of the recent book The Nonviolent Life, is promoting  Campaign Nonviolence, where local actions of nonviolence coordinated in various places will focus on the connections of, and opposition to, war, poverty, and the climate crisis. These are scheduled for September 21 – 27. These would be good places to participate, and also to help build the consistent-life community by finding more connection and consistency-minded people, and spreading the word about holistic nonviolence to all.
 205 dear
 Photo: P&LC Editor Rachel MacNair and John Dear when he spoke in Kansas City April 2.
Elections Coming
        In the United States, this November will be a major election (called “off-year” since there’s no presidential race, but plenty of senatorial and gubernatorial ones). If you know of any consistent-life candidates for any office, please let us know. We don’t make endorsements, but do pass on information.
        Meanwhile, referendums on any one of our issues can be of great interest, and offer opportunities for action. Please let us know ( about any in your area.
        This is true of our subscribers outside the U.S. as well. We’d be especially delighted to know what’s going on electorally all over the world, and share that with the consistent-life community.
Spreading the Word
        Below is a graphic you can copy onto web pages and Facebook.  It has a link imbedded directly to the newsletter web page, which is
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Ready for your Profile?
        We remind member groups that they’re welcome to send in short items (generally around 150 words) telling the consistent-life community about your organization’s work with links to your web page for those interested in following up. You can also send in items about upcoming events and actions that others might want to participate in. Send to
Quotation of the Week
James R. Kelly, June 4, 2010
Beneath the Intractable Political Surface:
How and Why the Terms of the Abortion Controversy Keep Changing.
        The first direct action in the prolife movement was in August, 1975, a sit in in front of an abortion clinic in Rockville, Maryland. The woman (the men‘s role was as solicitous bystanders) who led the group was Chris Mooney, who, along with most of other seven, had been involved in the peace movement during the Vietnam War era . . . Their explicit intention and plan was to adapt the successful tactics of the peace movement to abortion protest. They viewed their sit-ins as an educational outreach and say they were surprised and shocked that “during sit-ins we found that people would leave (the clinic). We found that sit-ins do save lives - that wasn’t initially part of the point of it. People were going to talk to them and try to persuade them (not to abort) but nobody believed it would work.”
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