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Peace & Life Connections #211
May 23, 2014

New Documentary: 40

        Our friend Jason Jones is producing a new documentary called 40, referring to the 40+ years of legalized abortion in the United States. Kelsey Hazzard, of CL member group Secular Prolife, offered these comments in a review published in Life Matters Journal, condensed from page 36:
        “The 40 film is a documentary that examines the pro-life movement 40 years after Roe v. Wade. It features interviews with dozens of pro-life leaders, including yours truly. But in case that isn’t enough to persuade you to see it, here are four more reasons:

1) You can bring your pro-choice friends to see this movie;

2) This movie busts all the stereotypes;

3) This movie makes the case for life compassionately and effectively;

4) This movie is going to save lives.”
211 40 2

On-Line Radio Shows
        We’ve occasionally featured web-based radio shows where consistent life and related ideas are discussed. Here we offer all of those still on the web in one list, in chronological order. If you know of others to share, please send the link to
211 radio

Effectiveness of Nonviolent Action
        The Economist had an article about what happens in recent history when repressive regimes use violence against a nonviolent opposition; peaceful protesters are more successful at overthrowing dictators, while violent opposition is less likely to succeed and more likely to actually bolster those in power.
        The boomerang impact of using violence, in which the government is weakened by doing so against a clearly nonviolent opposition, is the topic of a book being put together now called The Paradox of Repression, due out probably next year.  CL’s own Rachel MacNair is contributing a chapter on the psychology of the people carrying out the repression and how to use this knowledge to help them defect to the opposition.
Quotation of the Week
Ron Paul, Former U.S. Representative (Republican-Texas),
“Honoring Pope John Paul II: A Consistent Pro-Life Figure.”
Statement delivered before the House of Representatives on April 6, 2005.
       The Pope’s commitment to human dignity, grounded in the teachings of Christ, led him to become one of the most eloquent spokesmen for the consistent ethic of life, exemplified by his struggles against abortion, war, euthanasia, and the death penalty.
        Unfortunately, few in American politics today adhere to the consistent ethic of life, thus we see some who cheered the Pope’s stand against the war and the death penalty while downplaying or even openly defying his teachings against abortion and euthanasia . . . I would encourage those who wish to honor his memory to reflect on his teachings regarding war and the sanctity of life, and consider the inconsistencies in claiming to be pro-life but supporting the senseless killing of innocent people that inevitably accompanies militarism, or in claiming to be pro-peace and pro-compassion but supporting the legal killing of the unborn.
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