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Peace & Life Connections #217
July 4, 2014

U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Mandates
        CL takes no position on contraception which only prevents conception; we have a variety of views on the subject. Some of the businesses in the Hobby Lobby case decided June 30 were willing to cover those but not the specific forms which might be early aborting – killing soon after conception, without knowing if conception occurred.
        This case involved conscientious objector rights, and that’s a topic that covers all forms of violence, including the killing of embryos or what might possibly be the killing of embryos.
        We know that many that we work with in social justice movements are aghast at the idea of “corporate personhood,” and know the dangers there. The decision applies only to small corporations owned by the people running the business. So there is the question of whether people give up their conscience rights by taking advantage of the incorporation laws for their small businesses.
        Also, as long as conscience rights are upheld here, there is more certainty for no one being compelled to pay for clear-cut abortions at later stages. The decision might help stop a possible slippery slope at the beginning.
         CL member group Democrats for Life offers a statement favoring the decision. David Gushee and Jen Roth offer oppositional thoughts.   
Wild Goose Festival
       The Wild Goose Festival is a huge annual event held in North Carolina. Lisa Stiller reports: “Consistent Life had a booth for the second year, and once again, we had some excellent conversations. Many who stopped by told us they were glad we were there. Some expressed disappointment the Christian left so often failed to make connections between abortion and other life issues.   
        “Some of the best conversations happen at other places. Standing in line for showers, visiting other booths, striking up conversations in the beer garden. You never could tell when you would hear "Wow, I’m so glad you are here and talking about this!"
217 Wild

R.I.P. Elizabeth Palmberg
217 Palmberg

        Faithful CLE advocate and activist Elizabeth “Zab” Palmberg, Ph.D., died peacefully in her sleep on June 23, 2014.  Zab worked for CL member group Sojourners, represented CL at rallies and conferences, and frequently gave us advice on advocacy strategy and submitted items for Peace & Life Connections.  While fighting cancer, she personally witnessed to the dignity of all life, continuing life-prolonging treatments even though a prolonged life meant (gasp) dependence on others, and decreased physical ability and mobility.  In her last months on earth she radiated hope and wisdom to those around her in physical and cyberspace.  We will miss her terribly.    

Quotation of the Week
For our Muslim members and friends, Ramadan is June 28-July 28 this year.
Qur’an 16:58-59 (discussing pre-Muslim Arab polytheists)
     When one of them is given news of the birth of a baby girl, his face darkens and he is filled with gloom. In his shame he hides himself away from his people because of the bad news he has been given. Should he keep her and suffer contempt or bury her in the dust? How ill they judge!
One commentary refers to the “contempt in which daughters were held in a warrior society.” (M.A.S. Abdel Haleem)
Another says: “The allusion is to the barbarous custom of burying daughters alive, which was prevalent among the Arabs . . . Its abolition was one of the numerous blessings of Islam. With no physical or administrative power behind it to ensure its enforcement, the word of Allah swept away this deep-rooted custom as if by magician’s wand, so that not a single case of the burial of a living girl ever occurred after the mandate came.” (Maulana Muhammad Ali)
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