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Peace & Life Connections #219
July 18, 2014

Wild Goose Videos
            At the recent Wild Goose Festival, participants were given an opportunity to make video statements. The two people staffing our table there both did so – see Lisa Stiller and Bill Samuel.

Drone Resistance
        CL supporter Mary Anne Grady Flores was just sentenced to a year in prison related to her opposition to drone killings, a decision on appeal due to judicial irregularities.
        For an excellent article relating drones to abortion, see Jack Hunter, “Pro-life Means Anti-drone,” in The American Conservative, October 25, 2012
Rest in Peace: Sister Mary Evelyn Jegen
219 Jegen 2        Sister Mary Evelyn Jegen was one of the co-founders of CL member group Pax Christi USA and the group's first national coordinator. She died at age 86 on July 4 after a long illness. Pax Christi has a press release and a memorial page; see also the National Catholic Reporter.
        Julianne Wiley comments: “As a vocal promoter of respect for the unborn, she was one of the initial bridge-builders between the peace and prolife movements.
        “She made it her practice to get a picture, even a snapshot, of anybody she was tempted to pour wrath upon – it could be a global tyrant, or some insufferably aggravating person in her own community –
and meditate wordless upon their image.  She would try to visualize their most vulnerable moments, their existence as a tiny babe newly conceived, as a naked newborn, as a young child, as a vibrant or baffled middle-schooler -- and found that these moments evoked her tender and protective response.  She prayed for them. She pondered, almost maternally, their “inscape” as far as she could see it, and their countenance above all.
       “Her persistent, obstinate goodwill toward all will make her a grand citizen of Heaven and very much missed here below.”

Rest in Peace: Doris Gordon
219 Gordon 2

        Doris Gordon, founder and longtime coordinator of CL member group Libertarians for Life, died at age 85 on July 7 after a struggle with meningitis and other health problems. See memorializing comments at the Independent Political Report and an obituary by National Right to Life News.
        As a Jewish atheist, she made the case against abortion on entirely secular and libertarian grounds. In essence, there are two people responsible for putting the unborn baby in a vulnerable position, and the baby isn’t one of them. She wrote, “By causing children to be, parents also cause them to need support; it’s a package deal.”
Quotations of the Week
Doris Gordon
Abortion and Thomson’s Violinist: Unplugging a Bad Analogy
        Conception followed by eviction from the womb could be compared to capturing someone, placing him on an airplane, and then shoving him out without a parachute in mid-flight. We have no right to endanger others without their consent and then intentionally or negligently fail to protect them from the harm.
Abortion and Rights: Applying Libertarian Principles Correctly
        The unalienable right not to be unjustly killed applies equally to all human beings. Day One in a human being's life occurs at fertilization — that is high school biology. If pregnant women are human beings, why not when they were zygotes? A two-tiered legal policy on humanity that defines a superior class with rights, and an inferior class without rights, is not libertarian.
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