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Peace & Life Connections #227
September 12, 2014

From our Supporters: Campaign Nonviolence
        Campaign Nonviolence is a CL-endorsed U.S. effort for coordinated advocacy of nonviolence September 21-27.  
  • 227 FNCCL member group Feminists for Nonviolent Choices reports: “Ms. Reggie Littlejohn, international human rights lawyer and President of Women's Rights Without Frontiers (WRWF), will speak to New York upstate audiences about gendercide. The 3-day event is in conjunction with a national Campaign for Nonviolence to call attention to global oppression and launch a new movement to wage a culture of peace.” Gendercide is massive sex-selection abortions and infanticides against girls. Events will be in Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse.
  • Shelley Douglass reports: “We're having a vigil in Birmingham AL from 5 to 6 pm on the 27th, at the Fountain at Five Points South - Birmingham folks will know where that is. Everyone is welcome.”
  • See all events state by state (and a couple in other countries). We encourage you to join your local one, and don’t forget to bring along appropriate CL flyers and wear your CL buttons and shirts.   
Other actions from our member groups not related to Campaign Nonviolence (but in the same spirit)

CL at Vita et Veritas Conference
227 Vita 2        Consistent Life is co-sponsoring the 2nd annual Vita et Veritas Conference at Yale University on September 19-20. Organized by Choose Life at Yale, the conference offers an opportunity to hear diverse pro-life views and discuss future steps for the movement. Speakers this year include Serrin Foster of CL member group Feminists for Life and Kelsey Hazzard of CL member group Secular ProLife. CL will have an exhibit table at the conference; come and see us!
Democrats for Life to Hold East Coast Summit
        CL member group Democrats for Life of America has announced it will host an East Coast Summit on September 27, 2014, to support its mission of protecting life and strengthening the “big tent” of the Democratic party. Kristen Day, Executive Director, says: “Our organization is holding this meeting to re-energize, re-ignite, and re-enforce our commitment to protecting life and to our inclusion in the big tent. There are 21 million pro-life Democrats in this country, and still, many are made to feel they cannot be Democrats because of their pro-life position.” 
Democrats for Life witness
Quotation of the Week
Wendy Simonds
Abortion at Work: Ideology and Practice in a Feminist Clinic
Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, NJ., 1996, p. 58
        Sarina’s first job as an abortionist was with Planned Parenthood. She had not learned how to perform abortions in medical school, so she learned how to do first-trimester abortions on the job. The environment at the Planned Parenthood clinic was not much better than her prior experiences . . . “It was a rude awakening for me to go into a job where I was the only female physician…and to basically be discriminated against . . . I got disillusioned very quickly with the place.”
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