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Peace & Life Connections #226
September 5, 2014

Campaign Nonviolence September Week of Actions
        Pace e Bene's Campaign Nonviolence, of which CL is an organizational endorser, invites “all people of faith, conscience, and good will to take to the streets September 21-27 in hundreds of cities across the United States in the spirit of nonviolence to speak out publicly for an end to war, poverty, and environmental destruction—and to begin to build a new culture of peace and nonviolence.” People can participate in any the numerous local activities currently planned or can organize their own.
         If any CL members participate in or organize activities for the September Week of Actions, please send us the details so we can promote these events. Send the details to
Follow-up: After Tiller
226         As covered last week, PBS was scheduled to air a Point of View program with a positive presentation of third-trimester abortion on Labor Day weekend. Many of us noticed that our local PBS station didn’t carry it, though of course others did. This may be because they didn’t want to use the show at all, but it also may be because they’ll simply run it later, when it can attract a higher audience than Labor Day might offer.
         Those of our readers who live in the U.S. may want to check their local PBS stations and see if they carried it or not, and respond accordingly.
        Meanwhile, former Planned Parenthood director and CL Endorser Abby Johnson has written in response, and CL member group Secular Prolife comments on what was left out.
        There’s a petition specifying the film “40,” which we have mentioned before as being a good film, as being one PBS should show for balance.
 Call for News from CL Members
         Consistent Life is putting together a review of 2014 activities and would like to hear from CL members and member groups about what you have been up to this year. If you organized a campaign, hosted an event, came out with a publication, or have had other notable activities in 2014, please let us know! Send news to CL Secretary John Whitehead at by September 30th.
Quotation of the Week
Analyn Megison, co-founder, Hope After Rape Conception
People Look at Me in Horror When They Learn My Daughter Was Conceived in Rape
LifeNews, August 20, 2014
        My basic human rights were violated when I was raped during his violent attack years ago as I plead for my dignity and humanity, but I think that one of the things I am still having to advocate for is the basic human rights of my child, and other innocent children like mine. Not only am I not an object for use by a rapist, but my child is also not to be reduced to a mere product of a violent criminal act simply because of how her conception took place. . .
        Fear is never a logical reason for something to be legislated . . . So I ask: what are you really afraid of?  Surely not my sweet little girl.

Hope after Rape
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