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Peace & Life Connections #233
October 24, 2014

CL Austin Conference Next Year
        Consistent Life will host a regional conference in Austin, Texas, on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at St. Edwards University. Our keynote speakers will address the death penalty (Sr. Helen Prejean) and abortion (yet to be determined). The morning program will feature two sessions of three workshops each. The afternoon program will consist of our two speakers, speaking individually and then taking questions and answers together.
        As St. Edwards is partnering with us as sponsors of the event, we are expecting a good student turnout. There is a possibility of a Friday night informal event being organized, so people thinking of coming from outside the Austin area will be able to do some pre-conference meet-up.
        We will have registration on our website by mid-November. We expect to keep costs reasonable, with student fees at $10, and others at about $25-45 sliding scale.
        We are hoping to sponsor a series of regional conferences, so anyone who thinks about hosting one in their own region can contact
International Human Rights Day, December 10
        December 10 every year is International Human Rights Day.  Human Rights for All Ages coordinates organizations to stand up for the human rights of those in the womb on this day.  They offer a list of locations they know of that celebrate Human Rights Day.)  They suggest if there is not already an event commemorating International Human Rights Day in your area, we can bring the message to our communities of how big a violation of human rights abortion is.  They offer suggestions for making a presence.

Human Rights All Ages
Choice & Coercion
        Kelsey Hazzard, president of CL member group Secular Pro-Life,  commented on Brittney Maynard, the terminally ill 29-year-old who has decided to end her life on November 1. In her carefully nuanced comments, Kelsey recognizes the extraordinary pain of Maynard’s situation and the young woman’s courage in going public. Nevertheless, Kelsey offers strong caution and draws parallels to abortion: “Abortion and assisted suicide are unique issues, but we certainly can draw upon our experiences with legalized abortion to make some predictions about legalized euthanasia. We know from the abortion context that ‘choice’ (and Maynard uses the language of ‘choice’) can very quickly mutate into coercion . . . How can we create a law that allows assisted suicide for people like Brittany Maynard, without catching others in its trap? I'm very skeptical that it's possible. And until someone shows me differently, I have to err on the side of protecting those who want to live every last day.”
 Little Sisters of the Poor
 Photos: Little Sisters of the Poor serve in a hospice for those in their last days
Quotation of the Week
U.S. Representative Chris Smith
Speech, October 9, 2014
        At another congressional hearing I chaired, BYU Professor Valerie Hudson . . . testified that “by year 2020 young adult bare branches [men without women to marry] —ages 15-34 will number approximately 23-25 million”. . .  
        In her assessment for security and potential war, Professor Hudson testified “faced with worsening instability at home, and an unsolvable economic decline at home (as China ages) China’s government may well be tempted to use foreign policy to ‘ride the tiger’ of domestic instability. The twin themes of anti-Japanese feeling and fulfillment of China’s reunification with Taiwan will be deeply resonant to much of the population of China. In the next two or three decades, we are likely to see observable security ramifications of the masculinization of China’s growing young adult population.”
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