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Peace & Life Connections #252
March 20, 2015

Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF)
        Unfortunately, WILPF’s position sees abortion as a part of women’s rights; its members could benefit from hearing about the consistent life ethic. Their 100th-anniversary world-wide conference in The Hague in April gives an opportunity. They turned down our offer of a workshop because they had only so much room, and our application for an exhibit booth for the same reason. But they do offer ads in the program, at reasonable rates (note the technical specifications).
        For any of our member groups who would like to place an ad including consistent-life themes, we have a grant from a donor to reimburse the expense. But hurry – the deadline is March 31. Contact so we can coordinate.   
         Also write if you’re going to the conference so we can coordinate on leafletting and networking.
Pregnancy is Indeed a Major Life Event
       For our U.S. readers, an online petition for life-affirming care for pregnant women: “The Affordable Care Act . . . has a major loophole that’s denying insurance to some pregnant women. . . . People can’t sign up for coverage outside the three-month open enrollment period unless they experience a ‘qualifying life event.’ While childbirth is included as one of the ‘events,’ pregnancy is not, leaving women who become pregnant while uninsured unable to immediately obtain coverage.”  

Democrats for Life
        CL member group Democrats for Life of America is starting monthly conference calls for state leaders and anyone else interested, providing a way to network and get ideas for pro-life Democrats and liberals to get involved in their local and state parties. One of the topics was the challenge facing pro-life Democrats who want to run for office; they have trouble getting support from the party.
           If you are interested in participating in any of the phone calls, contact DFLA.
And Republicans against the Death Penalty
        There isn’t actually a group by that name, though there is Conservatives Concerned. The conservative and pro-life case for a law to abolish the death penalty in the U.S. state of Kansas was made at a March 17 press conference.
Religious Education Conference
        CL board member Lisa Stiller attended the RECongres’s in Anaheim, California, attended by about 40,000 Catholics. Originally a conference for religious educators, it has morphed into a more inclusive event. Social justice issues get much attention.  CL put literature on the Pax Christi table, and Lisa talked to other exhibitors and attendees.
         Fr. Chris Ponnet, head of the L.A. St. Camillus Center and a long time consistent life advocate, spoke at a death penalty vigil Saturday, emphasizing how opposing the death penalty is in line with a consistent life view holding all life sacred.
 252 Ponnet
        Other sessions were on sex trafficking, racism, and life issues in view of Catholic Social Teaching. Many common threads: any form of violence to any human being is unacceptable; the need for Catholics to do more to learn about and advocate for the life issues; and the need for a greater awareness of our calling to heal the suffering of the poor, voiceless, and those on the margins.
252 Ferguson 3 Quotation of the Week
Anna Ferguson
Marching On, March 11, 2015

        If you think about it, nearly every issue that deals in some way with a human being’s flourishing can be tied to the pro-life stance. Perhaps this can foster more collaboration and cooperation among those advocating and working for these other issues. I know it has for me, personally.
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