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Peace & Life Connections #253
March 27, 2015

Abortion’s Role in Helping Sex Traffickers
people Peller
        A bill that had nearly unanimous bipartisan support in the U.S. Senate to help the victims of sex trafficking has been recently stalled by an old, familiar problem: abortion advocacy is sabotaging legislation that women desperately need. CL Board Member Rachel Leigh Peller (pictured) has an excellent letter to the editor on this entitled “Abortion is a Tool to Exploit Sex Workers,” detailing how abortion is a clean-up operation for those who are victimizing women. She concludes: “Our representatives need to put aside their political motives and address this human rights issue immediately. Stop holding support for victims hostage to a powerful lobby with abortion tunnel vision and start creating real, nonviolent solutions to real, violent problems.”
New Yorker Covers Nuclear
        The New Yorker has a March 9 article delightfully entitled “Break-In at Y-12: How a handful of pacifists and nuns exposed the vulnerability of America’s nuclear-weapons sites." The title refers to the recent case where Michael Walli, who attended our 25th-anniversary conference, and then 82-year-old nun Megan Rice and Gregory Boertje-Obed managed to get into Oak Ridge and spray paint and pray for about an hour before they were finally caught at it. The article details the history of this kind of resistance to nuclear weapons going back to Dorothy Day and the 1950s. While Dorothy died in 1980, too early to be a CL endorser, she did sign a clearly consistent-life statement along with other people in the Catholic Peace Fellowship (which we ran as a Quotation of the Week).
        There is good news about progress: there are not only far fewer nuclear weapons than there used to be, but over 50 countries have signed a pledge started by Austria to work on the entire elimination of nuclear weapons. Pope Francis also issued a December 14, 2014 statement called Nuclear Disarmament: Time for Abolition.

What Love Can Do: Nonviolent Alternative to Euthanasia
        A 14-year-old Chilean girl with an incurable respiratory disease from which her brother had already died, Valentina Maureira, made an much-watched online video asking Chilean president Michelle Bachelet for permission to have a lethal injection. Bachelet is a pediatrician, and her response was to visit Valentina in the hospital. Valentina also met with other people with experience of the disease. The latest word is that she has now changed her mind, and will live while her disease will let her.
 253 Chile 3
 Photo: Valentina Maureira with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet
The Oncoming Generation
        CL Endorser Charles Camosy has an optimistic March 23 editorial in USA Today detailing how demographics are changing the abortion debate with young people being more likely to oppose abortion and the more abortion-opposing Latinos rise in numbers. Most especially, they support policies that will give the needed support to both mother and child.
Quotation of the Week
Topeka Capitol Journal, Advocates Seek Repeal of Capital Punishment, March 17, 2015
        Conservative Republican political figures and the president of a Benedictine College pro-life student group delved Tuesday into ramifications of Kansas law authorizing convicted killers to be sentenced to death. . . .
        Gov. Sam Brownback, an anti-abortion Republican who would hold the veto pen if the House and Senate passed a repeal bill, didn’t participate in the rally.
        He did say in an interview prior to the event that anti-abortion activists had increasingly been drawn into the capital punishment conversation.
        “You hear it connected,” Brownback said. “You hear it said more frequently now.”
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