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Peace & Life Connections #254
April 3, 2015

100th Anniversary Conference: WILPF in The Hague April 27-29
        Consistent Life has submitted a full-page ad for the program for the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom's Women's Power to Stop War conference, with a partial list of endorsers and member groups, selecting those of most interest to this audience.
        Additional ads come from  CL member groups Feminists for Nonviolent Choices and Friends Witness for Pro-life Peace Testimony (a Quaker group), and Rachel MacNair is advertising her authored or edited set of peace books, which includes prolife books.
         Ads are submitted, but not to be paid for until accepted. They have already turned us down for an exhibit booth. On whether they accept any or all of these, stay tuned.

CLWilpfMacNairBooks 2

Encouraging Verdict in Pregnancy Discrimination Case
        The U.S. Supreme Court ruled, on March 25, that former United Parcel Service (UPS) employee Peggy Young could proceed with her lawsuit against UPS. Young has contended that UPS violated the Pregnancy Discrimination Act by not offering her lighter duties while she was carrying her daughter Triniti. Although a lower court ruled against her, the Supreme Court verdict opens the way for continuing the suit.
Because support for pregnant women is so important to protecting both them and their unborn children, several Consistent Life member groups, including All Our Lives, Democrats for Life of America, and Feminists for Nonviolent Choices signed on to an amicus brief on Young’s behalf (this effort was discussed in our 2014 newsletter). Jen Roth of All Our Lives offers her analysis of the recent verdict here.
March is Women’s History Month
         Mariliyn Kopp has an excellent letter to the editor entitled “Original feminists and suffragists opposed abortion,” published in the Cleveland Plains-Dealer.
254 baby 2 Celebrating Another Newborn

        We are delighted to announce that Amir was born on March 22 to Nargiza Polvanova, who processes CL's mail and keeps up our database, and her husband Abdullo Sayfidinov. At birth, he weighed 7 lb., 11 oz., and was 20.5" long. He is their third child. Aziz and Anisa are delighted to have a new brother.

Quotation of the Week
Statement of First Resort, a pregnancy-help center
Responding to a judge’s ruling that the San Francisco city council can regulate what they say because “commercial speech” is not as rigorously protected by the First Amendment:
        The judgment was based on the ruling that our organization was engaged in “commercial speech” primarily because our ability to attract clients to our state licensed medical clinics is important to our fundraising efforts. Based on this definition, a non-profit food pantry that raises funds based upon telling people how many hungry families they have served or a non-profit animal shelter that tells their supporters how many dogs and cats they rescued would be categorized as engaging in “commercial speech” and left without the protections of the First Amendment. This is damaging to any nonprofit organization that raises funds and tells supporters about the amount of services provided.
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