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Peace & Life Connections #266
June 26, 2015

We Grieve Again
     Once again, we must mourn the lethal effects of virulent racism as nine African-Americans were gunned down by a white supremacist. Some points to make about this:
∞ The war of words that dehumanizes people is not a minor matter – loners can take them seriously, with ghastly consequences.
∞ There’s no good reason to treat a massacre by a white supremacist in a different way from a massacre by Muslim jihadists in terms of response and outrage. It’s distressing to see some individuals speak as if the latter is terrorism and the former isn’t.
∞ People with the same attitude as this shooter don’t usually endanger themselves and cause community outrage by targeting adult African-Americans. They find it much more efficient and quiet to target unborn Black children. As we've reported in their quotations, this link between abortion and racism has been offered by Erma Clardy Craven, Dick Gregory, CL Endorser Johnny Hunter and CL member group Sojourners. It's been documented by chilling remarks by millionaire abortionist Edward Allred (see issue 7 and issue 41).

      CL Endorser John Dear has written an excellent essay relating the Charleston killings to poverty, war, and the death penalty, with a clarion call for nonviolence.

Life Matters Journal Latest Issue
266 Life Matters        Issue 4, Number 1 of this on-line journal devoted to the consistent life ethic is now out. They report: “This issue of LMJ brings some vital points of discussion forward: how do we help young women facing unplanned pregnancy in high school and college? And how should our institutions face these situations to avoid coercion? Do we face torture as something that could cause us moral harm? What do we do when faced with the sentencing of a terrorist on American soil? Read up and share the articles in this issue to start good conversation on the things that matter.”

Strawberry Festival
        CL board members Lisa Stiller and Tony Masalonis set up a CL table (pictured) at the Beacon Strawberry Festival, in Beacon, NY. They expected to a face more or less not-too-friendly crowd due to our opposition to abortion; but that’s what we are here for, isn't it? To sow seeds among those who have not thought about the connection between abortion and other life issues.
266 Strawberry 3

        Tony reports: “I was surprised to find the festival was less pro-‘choice’ than expected.  Aside from one, everyone was very nice – including the guy at the table next to us selling (among other things) buttons and stickers including 'pro-child, pro-family, pro-choice.' We connected on the death penalty and bad police, and he loaned us an extra table.  Our table visitors ran the gamut, including one woman who picked up some materials and said seemingly approvingly, something like ‘I never thought about it from the war perspective; I usually just think about the babies.’”

A Whole New to Way to Weaponize Drones
        Weaponized drones are flying robots that kill for military purposes, but now there’s another way to have them participate in killing: a drone loaded with abortion pills is flying to Poland, where abortion is mainly illegal. The military drones occasionally kill children, though they’re not intended to; these drones are intended to, as their only selected targets.

Quotation of the Week
David Brooks
Shields & Brooks, PBS News Hour, June 19, 2015
Transcript of comments on the Pope’s recent Encyclical on Climate Change
        It’s a part of — a beautiful expression of Catholic theology and a beautiful expression for all of us of our interconnectedness. It also reminded me the Catholic Church is actually amazingly consistent on abortion, on the death penalty, on the environment. The valuing the life is — the church is so consistent on this emphasis, but our parties are sort of inconsistent on these different issues.
Editor’s note: See also Reuter’s article, “Pope Says Weapons Manufacturers Can’t Call Themselves Christians”
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