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Peace & Life Connections #267
July 3, 2015

We have a Blog!
        We’re pleased to announce the start of the Consistent Life Blog, allowing for a stream of longer pieces. The first offering is from Mary Meehan, “A President for Life and Peace.” We have more in the works, and new posts will be announced and linked in Peace & Life Connections.
        Those who have a piece to offer, please submit it for consideration to
Short Video on Basics of Nonviolence
        Our friends at the Metta Center have put together a short video, just published on June 8, called “Happiness: A Story of Us.” As they explain: “What really makes us secure? Nonviolence. Learn more about any of the resources mentioned in this video, including restorative justice, unarmed peacekeeping and nonviolence in general.”
267 Metta 2
Differing Perspectives under the Consistent Life Umbrella: Electoral Politics
        Consistent-life candidates are hard to come by. Different consistent-lifers take different approaches come election time:
∞ Vote the liberal candidate (in the U.S., usually the Democrat) because they’re often better on issues involving peace and poverty, and while they’re generally terrible on abortion, it’s often argued that fewer abortions happen when proper social supports are available. Unfortunately, many liberal candidates aren’t as good on opposing war, weaponized drones and military expenditures as we’d like, and being merely “not as bad” is depressing.
∞ Vote the conservative candidate (in the U.S., usually the Republican) who opposes abortion, on the grounds that the right to life is foundational and all of our other issues will fall apart if that isn’t firmly established. Unfortunately, many conservative candidates give lip service to abortion opposition, but don’t take the kinds of assertive pro-life actions needed.  Merely being “not as bad” is depressing.
∞ Many refuse to vote either one. They either vote third party, do a write-in, or skip that race.
∞ Many select among the above three approaches, depending on circumstances. For example, a mayor’s race in a city where weapons manufacturers get major city government support and there is no abortion clinic may call for a different voting strategy from the city without major weapons manufacturers but with city support for a large abortion clinic.

Voter holding Where Are Our Candidates sticker
     Election campaigns are a prime opportunity to get the message out. During election season, we encourage consistent-lifers to attend forums and ask questions about the Consistent Life Ethic, to leaflet and hold signs, and otherwise raise the connections between issues in order to call all candidates to more consistency. Such efforts are aimed every bit as much at the voters, who need to be educated over time.
        We intend to supply resources to help our supporters do this during the remarkably lengthy U.S. presidential election season of 2016, so stay tuned.  We’ve got some initial ideas on our Web site.
Quotation of the Week
Maulana Muhammad Ali, notes in a translation of the Qur’an
Editor’s note: we are now in the middle of Ramadan, June 17-July 17, 2015, the most special time of year for Muslims. A major achievement of early Islam was abolishing female infanticide.
Commentary on Qur’an 81:8-9, “when the baby girl buried alive is asked for what sin she was killed”: 
        The reference here is to the burying alive of daughters, a practice common among the pre-Islamic Arabs . . . The questioning refers to the time when, with the predominance of Islam in Arabia, the barbarous practice was to be abolished. But one buried alive may stand generally for the female sex, and the reference here may, therefore, be to the general tyranny of the male over the female.
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