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Peace & Life Connections #269
July 17, 2015

Planned Parenthood and Baby Corpse Parts
      There’s been excitement in news circles about an undercover video showing Senior Director of Medical Services of Planned Parenthood, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, eating lunch and discussing the intricacies of fetal tissue donation and the need to select the abortion technique likely to yield the most intact organs for the biomedical companies. Here are some links to differing perspectives:
∞ Secular Pro-life (a CL member group) comments in their blog.

∞ Planned Parenthood issued a July 14 statement. A video response from CEO Cecile Richards was later added, which includes the statement: "In the video, one of our staff members speaks in a way that does not reflect that compassion. This is unacceptable, and I personally apologize for that staff member’s tone and statements."

∞ Center for Medical Progress, who posted the video, responded to Planned Parenthood's initial statement.

∞ CL Endorser and former Planned Parenthood staff Abby Johnson wrote an open letter to Dr. Nucatola.

∞ Amanda Marcotte of Slate (among others) attacks the video as unfair propaganda

∞ A website dedicated to dealing with rumors called Snopes rates the truth of the claims as “undetermined” and explains.

CNN’s coverage includes bioethicist Art Caplan pointing out that the “sole concern should be the mother and her health.”
Dr. Deborah Nucitola video
        Here’s a cogent point, under comments from “Lisa” at the Snopes site:
       “Dr. Nucatola is obviously convinced that they ought to be careful of the ethical considerations while at the same time speaking in such a detached way about the dismembering of children. It just highlights the fact that these are human babies (why else would a researcher want a liver or heart?) and the nature of human rationalization.”
Wild Goose Festival
       We especially like to exhibit at the Wild Goose Festival every year because it’s a large group of immediately sympathetic people who are generally pleased to hear about us. In addition to the table, Lisa Stiller reports: “We got to hang our banner there where all could see, for about an hour” (see picture). Bill Samuel reports: “Mark Charles, the Navajo Founder and Director of 5 Small Loaves, pointed out that foundational American documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution dehumanize groups of people such as Native Americans and African-Americans. The 14th Amendment eliminated some of this from the Constitution but Charles pointed out that the Amendment was used in the 1970s to dehumanize the unborn.”

Good News
        In our never-ending quest for good news, this week we have:
∞ The Confederate flag which had been flying over the U.S. state capitol of South Carolina, a racist symbol first raised in 1961 (not 1861) in opposition to one of the preeminent nonviolent movements of our time, the Civil Rights movement, was officially taken down and sent to a museum on July 10. Symbols communicate, and since the flag was taken down in response to a terrorist attack on 9 people in church, this is a show of how to assertively deal with terrorist acts properly; wars are counter-productive.
∞ A deal has been struck to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons, a triumph of diplomacy over the belligerency of war. We’ll hope the accord is progress toward the eventual elimination of all nuclear weapons.
Quotation of the Week
Wendell Berry, environmental activist
From “The Conservation of Nature and the Preservation of Humanity,” in Another Turn of the Crank
       If abortion is wrong, as I believe, it is wrong because it excludes some of our fellow humans from our care. But to think that abortion is wrong is to risk dangerous over-simplification if we cannot follow our thought to its logical conclusion. If we cannot justify violence to unborn human beings, then how can we justify violence to those who are born, or the world that they are born into?
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