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Peace & Life Connections #268
July 10, 2015

Code Blue
        United Nations peacekeepers in theory help prevent wars or further outbreaks after wars have mainly wound down. Accordingly, they’re given immunity from prosecution, to keep local governments from interfering with their work by bringing unfair charges. But women and girls in war-torn areas are vulnerable. Sometimes because of extreme poverty they sell sexual favors, and there is also outright rape. In addition to the inherent outrageousness of these crimes, war is thus connected to a situation ripe for leading to abortions.
        A single-issue campaign has been launched with the specific goal of removing legal immunity for sexual exploitation and assaults from U.N. Peacekeepers. It’s called Code Blue, and they offer some action suggestions and a video.
269 Code Blue 2
The CL Blog’s Latest: Figuring Out Euthanasia
        Euthanasia has had a horrific past (see Quotation below). When it’s blatant or out of hand, the reasons to oppose it are clear. But while what constitutes an execution or an abortion is generally obvious, euthanasia is trickier. Everyone dies eventually, and many don’t do so suddenly and "cleanly," making end-of-life decision-making more complicated. A blog post put up yesterday from Rachel MacNair explains her understanding of how to figure it out.
        Readers are invited to submit pieces for consideration for posting on the blog to We welcome a diversity of views. 
Still Looking for a New Treasurer
        In addition to asking our readers if anyone might be personally interested in helping CK by becoming our treasurer – a vital but not cumbersome job for the organization – we ask readers to think of people within other organizations who are good at being treasurers and enjoy this way of contributing, to see if we might contact them about being willing to add us to their volunteer plate.
We Don't Vet People We Quote 
        We learned early on that if we’re quoting someone who’s making connections between different kinds of violence, but actually favors the violence rather than opposing it as we do, we needed to label it as such to avoid confusing our readers; we agree about how the issues are connected, but not with the quoted person's support of the violence. See “Seamless Shroud” in our Quotations Topics Index for a list.
        In addition, plenty of people make good statements connecting issues who aren't necessarily all-the-way consistent-lifers. They also may have a variety of views on issues outside our list, such as sexual ethics, gun control, environmentalism, compassion to animals, or any number of things that many of our supporters feel passionately about.
        We pass along good quotations because we think the content offers insight. Sometimes we’re especially pleased that a particular person or organization had the insight they did. Those who want to pass along a quotation only if the person saying it is otherwise agreeable to them will need to do any vetting themselves.
Quotation of the Week
War Crimes Tribunal, “Doctors of Infamy,” 1948
Discussing the role of doctors in the Nazi Holocaust, thereby connecting euthanasia and genocidal war.
269 war crimes        Had the profession taken a strong stand against the mass killing of sick Germans before the war, it is conceivable that the entire idea and technique of death factories for genocide would not have materialized . . . but far from opposing the Nazi state militantly, part of the medical profession co-operated consciously and even willingly, while the remainder acquiesced in silence. Therefore our regretful but inevitable judgment must be that the responsibility for the inhumane perpetrations . . . rests in large measure upon the bulk of the medical profession.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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