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Peace & Life Connections #111 - May 25, 2012

A site modeled after Facebook just for the prolife community has been set up, and we have a page there. ProLifeBook is small now, so you see everything that's happening with everyone. As a result, a number of people found out about CL and we've been "liked" by a bunch of folks with whom we had no prior contact.
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Differing Perspectives under the CL Umbrella: Pacifism
      Consistent Life naturally has a much higher portion of pacifists than the general population, but it’s not true that the entire peace movement is pacifist, and so there will be differences among us as well. The editor writing this is a pacifist, but as with the peace movement, many consistent-life advocates think there are exceptions when some small violence would prevent greater violence, as posited in the Just War Doctrine, as well as smaller individual situations.
        But here are some points that would generally be agreed upon for consistent-life people:
  • Mohandas Gandhi once said that violence is only “necessary” when the nonviolent alternative has not yet been discovered. Also, he said that violence in defense of others was better than apathy or cowardice, though of course nonviolence was better than either.
  • Using the very strict criteria of “just war” doctrine will in almost all cases have the same effect as pacifism in challenging the wars actually being considered. Rare is the case where the doctrine can apply.
  • In those rare cases – say, a military intervention to stop an ongoing genocide – nonviolent intervention should have been done earlier. Genocides don’t suddenly appear full-blown; they take gradual steps and generally rely on past horrific violence for justification.
  • Violence intended to stop violence often escalates it instead.
  • Our real focus should be on Just Peace.
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Quotation of the Week

Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood administrator
Do I Deserve the Death Penalty for Abortion?
A111 Johnson        “I am vehemently against the death penalty. Now stay with me – this is not a post about my opinion regarding that. . . . I abused and betrayed women in the worst possible way. I convinced them to kill their children. I was an accomplice to murder. Thousands of times – women I knew, women I didn’t, my friends, even my family. I lied to people. I lied to women when they came to me for accurate information. . . . So when someone says things like, ‘murderers don’t deserve to breathe the same air as I do,’ it hurts a little. Because that was me. But I am still here, breathing that same air, and trying to spend my life righting my wrongs. . . .
        I know some will say, ‘but you repented, that is the difference.’ But what if I hadn’t – not yet. What if I was still inside the abortion industry? What if I was still an accomplice to murder? What if it took me longer to realize the truth? Do I deserve to die? Are we saying repentance is about our timing?”
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