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Peace & Life Connections #116 - June 29, 2012

Slippery Slope Hits Amnesty International
A116 conscience        Several years ago, Consistent Life ran a petition drive and presented petitions at an Amnesty International (AI) conference in hopes of dissuading them from taking a stand that abortion is a human right for which they would advocate. When Rachel MacNair tried to pass out leaflets to conference-goers, she was forbidden to, and when she asked point-blank if she was being censored, the answer was a point-blank “yes.” AI had asked the membership to vote on this, and the results of the vote were never released. Such are the requirements of establishing a pro-violence stand in an organization that attracts nonviolent and caring people.
        Now OpEdNews has an article detailing “Amnesty’s Shilling for U.S. Wars.” Defending human rights becomes an excuse for military action.  As CL President Bill Samuel comments, “Amnesty's embrace of abortion turns out just to have been the first step in its embrace of violence. Now it is supporting war as well.”
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Feminists for Life’s 40th Anniversary
        CL member group Feminists for Life of America invites members and supporters to FFLA's 40th Anniversary Reception, Tuesday, July 3rd, in Alexandria VA.  They said: “We really hope you can be with us to meet and encourage others who share our pro-woman, pro-life vision and commitment to woman-centered solutions. I can tell you from past receptions, the sense of joy and camaraderie is palpable.  FFL President Serrin M. Foster will briefly report highlights and outline strategic next steps. FFL Vice President Sally Winn and FFL Speaker Joyce McCauley Benner will share their individual stories and the impact of our work.” Register at their web page.

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We Have an Index
        Those who get the e-newsletter weekly (or through forwarding from a friend, through Facebook, etc.) might not think to look at the Peace & Life Connections web page often. But we do remind you that not only do we have all past issues archived there, but we have an index as well. So if you’re trying to remember a specific quotation, are curious about how we’ve covered a specific topic, or want to see what’s happened with a specific person, then you can easily look it up.
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Quotation of the Week
Serrin Foster, President of feminists For Life of America
Speech at Consistent Life 25th Anniversary conference, March 2012
        "As we continue to be inspired by incredible women from history, and women whoA116 Foster are making history right now, we shine a light on this rich woman's rights history. And cheer this consistent life ethic with men and women around the world, who deserve so much better than trading one form of violence and exploitation for another. I'm going to echo Frederica Mathews-Green's words, but she said in effect, 'no matter her age, no matter her ability, no matter her size, her parentage, no matter her location, whether she's in the womb or she's in the other side of the world, today women deserve better.' May peace begin in the womb and spread throughout the world. All people are equal, all choices are not".
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