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Peace & Life Connections #130
October 5, 2012

October is Respect Life Month
130 respect        The Catholic Church in the U.S. designates October as Respect Life Month with a program in its parishes that includes distribution of a set of educational materials. Non-Catholics may find some of the materials suitable as well. Issues of abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty are normally covered.


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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
       130 domesticCoerced abortion is one of many forms of domestic violence against women, and domestic violence also makes women more likely to seek abortions. Domestic violence can result from abortions as well, in the stressful aftermath. Feticide is itself a form of domestic violence – the strong committing lethal violence against the weak.
        Coerced euthanasia is also itself a form of domestic abuse against the elderly. The very presence of euthanasia as a “voluntary” option can be pressure against the vulnerable, especially those already subjected to abuse.
        We anticipate having more to offer on these points in future October issues. Anyone who has a specific resource or education on this point (or any other) can share it with us at
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World-wide Poverty 
        Today roughly 1.3 billion people—about one-fifth of humanity—live on what would be equivalent to a little over $1 in the United States. 
        As an illustration, consider the Indian district of Udaipur, where about half the population lived at this poverty level in 2004: most households living in such poverty owned a bed but more than 90 percent lacked a chair or table; none had indoor running water. The infant mortality rate was 10 percent—a striking fact for pro-lifers. 
        Such figures are discouraging, but we should also remember that more than half of the developing world lived at roughly this level of poverty only about 30 years ago. If we have made genuine progress in the past in reducing poverty, why can we not do so in the future?
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No Exceptions
        Long-time CL Endorser Dr. Karen Swallow Prior has written a piece called “No Exceptions: The Case for a Consistent Pro-Life Ethic.” Despite its title, the consistency does refer to abortion alone and not other issues, but it does refer to being consistent on abortion.
130 Prior
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Quotation of the Week
October 2012 Respect Life Statement
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Faith Opens Our Eyes to Human Life in All Its Grandeur and Beauty
        “In addition to opening the door to abortion on request for all nine months of pregnancy, the Supreme Court’s decision eroded respect for human life and led to a growing acceptance of death as the “solution” to personal and societal problems. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are now promoted as answers to declining health and disability. Human embryonic stem cell research, in which week-old embryos are sacrificed, is championed as a means to cure disease. To solve the problem of low fertility, many doctors create human embryos in their clinics, knowing full well that few embryos will survive to birth and the majority will be discarded or die. And the death penalty is still vigorously defended as the answer to violent crime.”
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