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Peace & Life Connections #167
July 5, 2013

Consistent Life to Be Present at ESA Conference

Tabletop        Our member group Evangelicals for Social Action is holding its 40th anniversary conference this coming weekend, July 12-14 at Eastern University outside Philadelphia. We will have a table there and display our banner. One of our two Board members who was planning to attend and help staff the table is not going to be able to come. If you are registered for the conference, and would be willing to lend a hand, please contact our remaining attender, President Bill Samuel, at or 866-444-7245.
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Victory for Pregnant Students
         From CL member group Feminists for Life: “Feminists for Life's strategic efforts and long term goals are bearing more fruit. Now we have another Tool for Schools. The Department of Education has come out with a definitive document to end the discrimination against pregnant students! They outline what is--and is not--permitted. They say what they must do---and what they must not!
        We are in this together. FFL's non-combative, solution-oriented approach has positively changed campuses across the country and energized class after class of pro-woman, pro-life activists.”
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Differing Perspectives under the CL Umbrella: Left-Wing and Right-Wing
        Studies show that when people are asked about their position on both abortion and the death penalty, those who oppose both are far more likely that other position combinations to take themselves off the left-right continuum entirely – when asked about being liberal or conservative, radical or ultraconservative, about a quarter of them answer “other.” They’re also more spread out among the labels.
        Consistent Life’s origins are the left-wingers for life: people dismayed at finding other peace and justice movement people not including unborn children in their concerns, nor understanding the violent dynamic against their mothers. Most of our quotations from the 1970s and 1980s reflect this. But finding conservatives who share the perspective of connecting issues under a respect-for-life understanding is not difficult; see our quotations from Richard Viguerie, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and comments from a prolife perspective against drones and nuclear weapons (Mark Crutcher and Brent Bozell). Mark Crutcher also uses his normal stridency against war; see remarks on Pat Buchanan's anti-war article in that same issue.  
        The anti-violence community transcends the Left/Right labels. This is hard to get across to a media that wishes to pigeon-hole us and, finding that it can’t be done, ignores us.

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Quotation of the Week
Richard Rohr, OFM
Daily Meditation: Evil Is Also Corporate Evil -- June 13, 2013

        The individual has usually gotten all the blame, while what Paul called the powers, the sovereignties, and the principalities (Romans 8:38, Colossians 2:15, Ephesians 3:10, 6:12) have gotten off scot-free for most of Christian history. These were his words for institutions and social systems . . . We tend to demonize the individual prostitute, but not the industry of pornography at many levels. We tend to hate the greedy person, but in fact we idealize and try to be a part of the system that made them rich.
        For example, people tend to support and even idealize almost all wars that their country wages. In fact, few things are more romanticized than war, except by those who suffer from them. At the same time, we rail against violence in the streets, the violence of our young people, and the violence on the news every night. . . .
        We have ended up with a very inconsistent morality, which few take seriously any more or even know how to follow. That is why we need a consistent ethic of life.
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