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Peace & Life Connections #191
January 3, 2014

January: Month of Pro-Life Marches

        Each year, CL strives to present the CLE message to pro-lifers gathering around the time of the anniversary of the Roe v Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision. For the March for Life on January 22 in Washington, DC, we will join with other groups in the For Peace & ALL Life meetup/march group. This will meet before the March, on the Mall side of the National Museum of Natural History.
         After the March, we will gather informally with folks interested in the CLE at the Southeast Public Library conference room at 403 7th St. SE, and those interested and available will then go out for dinner together.
         In the DC area, we also will be exhibiting at the Cardinal O'Connor Conference on Life, the Students for Life of America National Conference, and the March for Life Exhibit Hall.

         In San Francisco, we are working on a presence at the Walk for Life West Coast on January 25 and the Students for Life of America West Coast Conference on January 26. We also encourage CL supporters to provide a CLE witness at local and regional events around the country deploring the prevalence of abortion.

         Please let us know at if you can participate in some of these events. More details are available on our website.
 191 March 2
Photos: Last year (2013) – D.C. March for Life contingent & post-March meeting
For Your Own Local Events
        We offer a variety of pdfs relating the consistent life ethic to different audiences. You can print up as many as you need for your own local events – the January flurry coming up, and anything else throughout the year.
Fall 2013 Newsletter Now on Web
        Members should have already received their paper copy in the mail (perhaps with a delay for international members), but we also have the Consistent Life newsletter online. We have book reviews of For Love of Animals and The Sacredness of Human Life, an article on a murder victim’s mother’s work against the death penalty, reflections on standing for life during the 40 Days for Life activities, and  how we’re spreading the word.
Register Now -- Philadelphia Regional Conference
       The “Life/Peace/Justice: A Conference on Life Issues” will be held March 29, 2014 at Villanova University from 10:30 AM – 6 PM.
Quotation of the Week
In memory of Alison Davis (pictured) who died December 3, 2013

from her 1987 article, Women With Disabilities: Abortion and Liberation
in Disability & Society, Volume 3, Issue 3, page 275
191 Davis        In this, the United Nations Decade of the Disabled, much is being done to improve the lives of those with disabilities, and to enable them to participate as equals in the everyday life of their communities.
        At the same time, however, more and more "advances" are being deployed to detect handicap in the unborn, with the aim of killing as many of them as possible before birth.
        Feminists, though accustomed to fighting for the emancipation of women, are failing to address this incongruous situation, and the double discrimination faced by women with disabilities.  This is partly due to the fact that they regard abortion as an unequivocal "right."
        I will argue that far from being a right, abortion underlines women's oppression and is counter-productive to women in general, and to disabled women in particular.
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